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Dr. Conrad Murray\'s Manslaughter Trial Begins

The doctor who might have lead Michael Jackson to an early death, Dr. Conrad Murray, is finally on trial for manslaughter. I forget what most of the prosecution\'s evidence will be, but I do know that Michael Jackson\'s eldest son, Prince, is going to testify on their behalf. But MY burning question is this: are these his biological children? Because we all know he was a messed up lunatic ... [Full Story]

THIS Was Michael Jackson\'s Gay Lover?

To any of you who were late on the Michael Jackson gay lover train (gross imagery aside, I wasn\'t included in the \"MJ has a gay lover\" loop, although I\'m not surprised). This man, Jason Pfeiffer, claims that Dr. Arnie Klein is trying to sabotage his credibility because Klein is afraid the man will incriminate him during the Conrad Murray trial. Jason once worked as Dr. Klein\'s office ... [Full Story]

Someone Stole MJ\'s Voice

Not one of my heartstrings was pulled when Michael Jackson died... but I am still interested in the newest scandal that this dead singer has. (It\'s interesting because he\'s dead. Like, right now.) Jason Malachi once tricked the public into thinking his work was actually Michael Jackson\'s. Now, he is claiming he sung a few of the songs on the \"new\" Michael Jackson album. In 2007, a ... [Full Story]

Again, With the Dead Singer

Not only did the late Michael Jackson get some of his possessions hocked over the weekend during a celebrity auction, but a brand new trailer for his \"new\" song was released. Man. He\'s pretty busy for a dead guy (you better watch your back Edward). This 30 second video for \"Hold My Hand\" features old video of MJ jumping around like a circus freak... and also the rest of the world ... [Full Story]

Buy a Dead Guy\'s Junk!

Over the weekend, Julien\'s Auctions had their \"Icons & Idols\" auction Saturday night. One of the items listed at this auction was a single glove worn by MJ during the \"Bad\" tour in the late 1980s. This useless piece of memorabilia junk went for $330,000. A.K.A., more than what your kid is worth. A fedora he wore on stage went for $72,000. ... [Full Story]

...HOW, Michael Jackson?

I\'m officially convinced - Michael Jackson is an evil Time Lord. For the first time in years, a brand new Michael Jackson music video has been released. Michael was working on this video since 2003 and it has somehow been recently finished. You know, after his death. America, at some point it\'s time to let go. ... [Full Story]

Blanket is Someone Else\'s Son? ... That\'s His Real Name?

As if Blanket Jackson\'s life wasn\'t retarded enough, Michael Jackson\'s former bodyguard Matt Fiddes claims he may be his biological. This daddy issue won\'t be resolved soon - since he won\'t pursue a DNA test to prove he\'s the dad unless something drastic happens. Well. Michael Jackson is dead. That\'s considered drastic, right? Fiddes says, \"My mum has begged me to approach the ... [Full Story]

Michael Jackson was Crazy Sauce

Sure, we knew Michael Jackson was crazy because of his campaign to turn completely white and to rape Macaulay Culkin up the pooper... but that was just normal crazy. MJ had an entire layer of crazy underneath the surface that was surprisingly not related to rape. I think. Michael Jackson allegedly spent thousands of dollars on research to see if it was possible to perform a medical procedure ... [Full Story]

Michael Jackson Plays it Smart From the Grave

It looks like that Michael Jackson isn\'t going to be a dick like some other rich people out there (cough Warren Buffet cough) and is actually going to give his family some of the money he left behind when he died. His kids will be receiving income from a trust he set up. Said trust is ensuring that the kids would get 40% of Michael\'s estate, Kartherine Jackson would get the use of 40% during ... [Full Story]

Stop Sending the Dead Man Flowers

Lisa Marie Presley begged fans recently to send the dead Michael Jackson more flowers; she felt that people weren\'t doing a great job of decorating MJ\'s tomb. (Apparently some people don\'t get that spending money on a dead man is pointless.) Lucky for LMP, fans a fan responded. A florist, sunflowerguy.com, send more than 1,500 flowers to MJ\'s tomb in Forest Lawn Cemetary on Friday ... [Full Story]

Michael Jackson - Coke Addict

Surprisingly enough, the Coke that Michael Jackson was addicted to wasn\'t the powdery kind that\'s fun to snort. He had a love affair with Coca-Cola. He would demand massive quantities of it, even if he knew it contained caffeine and would hinder his ability to fall asleep. And thus is Dr. Conrad Murray\'s defense in court. Dr. Murray\'s defense is going to be that Michael Jackson killed ... [Full Story]

Michael Jackson Isn\'t..uh.. Wasn\'t Dead!

Of course there is more scandal surrounding Michael Jackson\'s death. TMZ was informed that the doctors who worked on Michael Jackson at the UCLA Medical Center ran EKGs on him. It was interpreted that Jackson had heart rhythmic activity. Dr. Conrad Murray insisted he restarted Jackson\'s heart before paramedics arrived on scene. He then claimed that he was able to maintain heart activity in the ... [Full Story]