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Michael Lohan Turned Away

Today, Michael Lohan showed up at the Betty Ford Center trying to see Lindsay. And he was turned away. Again. Being a bad father, you would think he knows a thing or two about giving up. Michael is trying to visit Lindsay as part of Betty Ford\'s \"Family Week.\" Since he is even being turned away during these special visitation hours, I have a feeling he is on some kind of black ... [Full Story]

Betty Ford Hates Michael Lohan

At least someone cottoned on to an important fact: Michael Lohan is NOT a good guy. Michael went to the Betty Ford Center last Thursday, the famous rehab center that his biological offspring was staying at. What\'s hilarious is that Michael was turned away by security. He was told visiting hours were over. Michael tells us he asked if was on a \"no contact\" list and they told him ... [Full Story]

Lindsay Lohan\'s Dad Had a Heart Attack

It was reported by TMZ that Michael Lohan had a heart attack - or at least chest pains that radiated out to his arms the resulted in him being admitted to the hospital. Michael\'s girlfriend, Kate Major, claimed that the EKG showed evidence of a heart attack. But since she doesn\'t have a medical degree to prove that she has any idea of what she is talking about, take that with a grain of ... [Full Story]

Michael Lohan has Topped Himself

AS if Lindsay Lohan\'s dad couldn\'t be a bigger waste of flesh and bones, he just did something else. Unfortunately, it wasn\'t suicide. Anyway, TMZ says: Erin Muller claims Michael Lohan physically abused her at least twelve times over the last two years -- including an incident in which Michael allegedly \"kicked [her] in the vagina.\" Erin Muller filed court documents in Nassau ... [Full Story]

Lindsay Lohan\'s Dad Got Arrested Again

In a world where you can count on very few things, it\'s nice to know you can always count on Michael Lohan getting arrested. The Associated Press has his latest: Police on New York\'s Long Island say Lindsay Lohan\'s father has been arrested and charged with criminal contempt, for allegedly violating an order of protection. Suffolk County police say Michael Lohan was arrested Monday on the ... [Full Story]

Great Fathers Unite

Jon Gosselin, father of those 8 little kids that won\'t go away, and Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan, decided to meet up this past weekend. I can\'t really figure out why, but my guess is simply to discuss successful parents and how to get other parents to be more like them. Alternatively, it could\'ve been to plot a plan to eliminate their wives and flee to Kenya. I hear it\'s nice there ... [Full Story]

Lindsay\'s Dad to Barack: Oh No You Dit\'int

To sum it up, Lindsay Lohan went off on her blog about Sarah Palin as VP, basically saying it was a horrible pick because she hates lesbians. Then she offered to help the Obama campaign by hosting events for young voters. Obama said aw hell no because he doesn\'t like to lose presidential elections. Now, Lindsay\'s outspoked father, Michael Lohan, has said the following according to ... [Full Story]

Michael Lohan is Kind of an OK Father

In an interview with OK!, Michael Lohan stated: \"To date, I have not said anything about Lindsay not being at my dad\'s wake or funeral. But I will say this: Lindsay is my daughter. I love her... I forgive her (as I hope she and Dina\'s family forgive me). And nothing will eveevr stop me from doing so. \"She is a big girl, and can and will make her own decisions... For all of us, it is ... [Full Story]

Michael Lohan Probably Didn\'t Kill his Dad

Lindsay Lohan\'s paternal grandfather died yesterday in the arms of her psychotic father, Michael Lohan, OK! has learned: Michael tells OK!, \"My father just, literally, died in my arms. I notified all my kids and my lawyer notified Dina\'s attorney. Let\'s see if she has the decency and respect to bring my kids to the wake and funeral.\" He continues, \"THIS will show her true colors! ... [Full Story]

Lindsay Lohan is a Pot and her Dad is a Kettle

Lindsay Lohan recently wrote on her MySpace blog: He has become a public embaressment and a bully- To my family, my co-workers, my friends, and a girl that means the world to me (its obvious who that is). He has no idea what is going on in my life because i have chosen not to involve him in it- His recent attack on my life and my loved ones is simply for an ADDICTION THAT HE HAS- FAME ... [Full Story]

Michael Lohan is Engaged and We Strangely Care

When I found out Michael Lohan was now engaged, I just automatically assumed it was to Lindsay Lohan. It made the most sense but turned out to be wrong according to OK! magazine: OK! has confirmed with sources close to the Lohan family patriarch that the Georgia Rule actress, 22, will soon be gaining yet another family member — a stepmom. \"Michael recently proposed to his girlfriend ... [Full Story]

Michael Lohan Is a Man of Principle

Lindsay Lohan has all but confirmed her relationship with Samantha Ronson, and the other day there were rumors the two were considering same-sex marriage. It’s probably not true, but Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan decided to weigh in anyways. Michael told MSNBC that he was happy for his daughter, but wouldn’t expect to be part of her wedding. I want her to be happy and healthy and stay on ... [Full Story]