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The Michael Phelps Saga Continues

If you thought it ended with Michael Phelps and his bong or Michael Phelps losing $2k playing beer pong or any of the other things Phelps has done in the last month, you were wrong. It continues. Page Six says: A spy tells us the human dolphin recently had the windows of his Baltimore house tinted to prevent paparazzi from snapping shots of him at home. According to our source, Phelps has ... [Full Story]

It Never Ends With Michael Phelps

After the world cheered on what turned out to be the biggest d-bag in history, story after story about Michael Phelps seems to be hitting the news. Here\'s the latest. Page Six reports: \"I saw Phelps pull out a roll, a bank-wrapped $2,000. He said, \'I\'ll match the $2,000,\' \" onlooker Michael Whitworth told the State newspaper. \"Good ol\' Phelpsie lost it, too.\" Michael Phelps is ... [Full Story]

Michael Phelps Gets Offered a New Endorsement

Now that Kellogg and whoever else has pulled the plug on Michael Phelps, he\'ll have to find a new gig soon before he has to be a lifeguard at a public pool. Fortunately, sources say: Smokey McSpeedo\'s \"extracurricular activities\" have perked the interest of a Gurkha Cigars, who just offered Phelps a cool $25,000 to be their official \"smokesperson.\" In a letter to Phelps, Gurkha ... [Full Story]

More Michael Phelps Drama

Michael Phelps continues his freefall back to douchebaggery after winning something like 19 gold medals at last year\'s Olympic event. Now, according to sources, he\'s being suspended from the swimming team: Michael Phelps has been suspended for three months by USA Swimming after the whole bong thing. The organization has cut off financial support to Phelps for the three months as ... [Full Story]

Oh No, Michael Phelps Might Not Compete in 2012

After the infamous bong picture circulating the Web brought Michael Phelps under fire from just about everyone, he tells The Baltimore Sun that he might not even swim in 2012: In his first interview since a photo surfaced showing him smoking from a marijuana pipe, Michael Phelps said yesterday that the intense public scrutiny has him contemplating whether he will swim in the 2012 ... [Full Story]

Michael Phelps Could Be Charged for the Bong Picture

Apparently there\'s nothing better to do when you\'re the sheriff in Columbia, South Carolina because according to sources, Michael Phelps might be charged for the picture of him and a bong that\'s floating around: In a statement issued Tuesday, Sheriff Leon Lott Jr. said an investigation is underway and charges could be pending against the Olympic star, 23. \"If someone breaks the law ... [Full Story]

Michael Phelps Can Swim, But is he Mentally Challenged?

When I was watching Michael Phelps win all those medals last year, I knew there was something in his eyes that wasn\'t right. And now we know, he\'s retarded. The picture above is obviously him with a bong. News of the World reports: It was on November 6, weeks after his Beijing triumph, that 23-year-old Phelps surprised students at the University Of South Carolina in Columbia by showing up ... [Full Story]

Michael Phelps is an A-hole

Michael Phelps distracted some chick while some other guy dumped a bucket of ice on her head. It won\'t be so funny when she gets hypothermia and sues, then Phelps has to melt his gold medals down and sell them to cover court costs. But I know I\'d laugh. ... [Full Story]

Michael Phelps Probably Won\'t Be Funny on SNL

Winning 8 gold medals in a single Olympics has its perks, as Michael Phelps is learning. USMagazine: Michael Phelps is continuing his dominance out of the water -- he\'ll host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 13, NBC announced Wednesday. Phelps, 23, will also be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday. Last week, Phelps landed a book deal for his ... [Full Story]

Eight Gold Medals And Still Ugly

In different words, Amanda Beard has said Michael Phelps is the most disgusting, ugliest man on the face of the Earth. From USMagazine: \"Eww, that\'s nasty!\" she said via telephone from Beijing on 93.7 KRQ Tucson\'s Johnjay and Rich in the Morning. \"Come on, I have really good taste,\" she added. \"He\'s not really my type.\" Beard who has a boyfriend (a photographer) said she ... [Full Story]

Michael Phelps Isn\'t Wearing a Woman\'s Top

That\'s not the top part of a woman\'s red gown, and Michael Phelps isn\'t going to a gala. Those are his 8 gold medals that he and his giant torso won in Beijing. Mark Spitz is crying because he only has 7. It\'s no surprise that Phelps is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He\'s a pretty fast swimmer. If I was Michael Phelps, the first thing I would do is any girl I want. Then I ... [Full Story]

Leaky Goggles Are No Match for Michael Phelps

Yesterday in Beijing, American swimmer Michael Phelps made history by winning his 10th and 11th gold medals. That happens to be more than any other Olympian since Jesus. Even better, he did it with a leaky pair of goggles. According to People: The day began less than auspiciously, when Phelps\'s goggles filled up with water during the 200-meter butterfly. The 23-year-old still won handily ... [Full Story]