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This Jackie O Really Turns Me On.

Here are some pictures from the set of \"The Butler,\" filmed some more scenes in New Orleans recently. In the pictures, you can see James Marsden as John F. Kennedy and Minka Kelly as Jacqueline Kennedy. I hope this will be a quirky romantic comedy that focuses on the love story between these two crazy kids. I kind of doubt it has a good ending though, what with the JFK\'s brain being shoved ... [Full Story]

HAY Minka Kelly!

Minka Kelly was spotted trotting around [insert city] wearing only leggings and a hoodie. She didn\'t seem too pleased about being noticed. Well you know what, missy? Maybe start wearing proper pants and we\'ll stop playing Where\'s Waldo with your pictures. (Waldo being the name of your camel toe.) ... [Full Story]

For When You Hate Life: Minka Kelly

Most days, life feels like a chore. Jobs suck, relationships are a joke and getting out of bed just seems like a generally bad idea. That\'s why, on those types of hard days, you just need to take a deep breath and look at pretty people. Minka Kelly, sure she lives in Beverly Hills and wants nothing to do with you... but that doesn\'t make her any less angelic. So relax and just stare. It\'s what ... [Full Story]

Don\'t Ever Slap Minka Kelly\'s Butt

To me, this isn\'t fair. The original \"Charlie\'s Angels\" was kind of a sexist show... from a time when Charlie abused his privileges over three super hot slaves he owned. It only makes sense that the new actresses on the re-vamped show would be seen as sexual objects. That\'s why it\'s not surprising that Minka Kelly got felt up by a crew member. Him being fired for doing so is also not a ... [Full Story]

Minka Kelly\'s GQ Outtakes - Because Why Not?

Aside from that awful movie coming out, \"The Roommate,\" with Minka Kelly and some chick that looks astonishingly like her, I\'m not sure what Minka Kelly does. Do these GQ outtakes actually dictate what she does during her real life? Feeding random cats milk (although they are lactose intolerant after they are kittens)? Laughing on the phone, while sprawled out on a dirty hotel floor in only ... [Full Story]

This Isn\'t the Same Person?

Well this is complete news to me: these two girls, seen mooning over each other and sharing sweet lady kisses... are two separate people. I\'m not dumb, but I\'m a big believer in smoke and mirror tricks. And this isn\'t a mirror trick. It\'s two separate people promoting their new movie, \"The Roommate.\" ... [Full Story]

Minka Kelly Should be Required to Marry Me

Under normal circumstances, I do not believe in marriages. Marriages, engagements, and girls in general really cut into too much of my World of Warcraft raid time. However, I would make one big, fat excuse for Minka Kelly. Minka is that perfect combination of goddess-like looks and fortune that every guy wishes he had.... and none will get. ... [Full Story]

FHM Tries to Make Me Miserable

FHM, in an honest effort to make me suicidal, included a gallery of amazing TV hotties in their April issue. As much as I like photos of hot, famous, half-naked chicks... I hate the reminder that I\'d never be able to get a girlfriend let alone whores like that. The girls that FHM featured included the sexy Kim Kardashian, Eva Amurri, Summer Glau, Olivia Munn, Perfect Girl Minka Kelly ... [Full Story]

Minka Kelly is Ridiculously Cute

The premiere party of Parenthood must have been the highlight event of the season, if it attracted Minka Kelly in all of her cute glory. She might be the only girl in Hollywood truly deserving of a school-girl outfit, pigtails and a lollipop. Well, aside from all of the other starlets I make shrines for, using only footballs, pieces of garbage and my bodily fluids. The Pink Power Ranger ... [Full Story]

Minka Kelly for the Weekend

I\'ve never had Minka Kelly \"for the weekend,\" or any girl for that matter, but there\'s a first time for everything, so check her out. And then have a good weekend consisting of doing humanitarian things like sending aid to Haiti and getting drunk enough to forget who you are. See ya Monday. ... [Full Story]

Minka Kelly Loves her Little Dog

I dream of a day when Minka Kelly is willing to stop and pick up my excrement off the pavement because she loves me so much. I\'m already half way there, just need the Minka Kelly part. ... [Full Story]

Minka Kelly Ponders Life or Something

Here\'s Minka Kelly probably on the set of Gossip Girl sporting a purple top and looking like a cool Sunday morning with breasts. It\'s quite possible that if Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson were on a bus heading to Mexico and then that bus fell off the side of a cliff and exploded, Minka would be the hottest girl alive. ... [Full Story]