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Miranda Kerr is Better Than You.

It depresses me (severely) that Miranda Kerr is still married to Orlando Bloom. Most celebrity marriages don\'t last longer than 6 months. So, until M-Kerr is single and ready to mingle with me while duct-taped in my basement, I\'m going to be feeling a little bit down. If only the women I currently see day to day could look like Miranda.. but my mom is way too lazy to stay on a diet. ... [Full Story]

Miranda Kerr Forgot Her Victoria\'s Secret Bra.

This is either very bad or brilliant marketing. Miranda Kerr, a model that works for Victoria\'s Secret, was seen out recently very obviously not wearing a Victoria\'s Secret bra. It\'s wonderful because it\'s so revealing... but then it makes me wonder if she hates the product enough to not wear it when she should. Miranda! Are we supposed to love your nipples or be confused about the lack of ... [Full Story]

Orlando Bloom Lion Kinged a Baby

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have been hanging out in Australia, enjoying the summer in the southern hemisphere. While hanging out down under, Orlando decided to lift bare baby butt up for all to see. I\'m not sure the point of all this... but it was a pretty good Rafiki impression. Those actors are talented, man. ... [Full Story]

Her Boobs Win. Again.

Occupy Wall Street? Maybe those whiners should be concentrating more on occupying Miranda Kerr\'s breasts. There was $2.5 million on them the other night, after all. The Victorias Secret fashion show was held last night in New York and Miranda Kerr was wearing a diamond-encrusted bra that was worth more than all of the OWS protestors combined. Her breasts are the 1%. ... [Full Story]

Miranda Kerr is Not a Normal Human

This can\'t be normal. Three months after giving birth to a real human being, the 27-year-old Miranda Kerr was back in a bikini. And she looked hot (and not in a pathetic, \"oh well I guess\" kind of way). The Victoria\'s Secret photoshoot in Malibu, CA went off without a hitch or tummy pouch. I wonder what is her secret? ... I bet it\'s starvation. ... [Full Story]

Pool Parties Aren\'t Just for 5th Graders

This has to be the work of divine intervention, getting these three incredibly hot women together and forcing them to have a pool party. Whoever organizes these photoshoots for Victoria\'s Secret models must be the loneliest, nerdiest photographer to ever exist. And I thank him. He just made my Drunk-By-Noon Friday bearable. THANK YOU ANGEL WITH A CAMERA! Miranda Kerr, Candice ... [Full Story]

High Quality Anorexic Cleavage

Although I\'m not sure how this is possible since Miranda Kerr is 0.01% body fat - but she is showing off some very jiggly boobage. Like, even though they are still small they make Heidi Montag a little jealous. On account of Miranda having no fat whatsoever, these babies are either all silicone or all mammary gland. ... and it\'s disgusting to think about that under the skin. So now my boner is ... [Full Story]

Miranda Kerr Will Make You Purr (haha!)

Miranda Kerr is one of the Victoria\'s Secret supermodel angel chicks, so if you recognize her, it\'s probably from one of the magazines you stole from your girlfriend\'s stash to use for your own pleasure. Pervert. But I can\'t blame you, I do it too. Anyway, check these out in full size by clicking the pictures below. These are absolutely incredible, and by that I mean, they\'re...well ... [Full Story]

Miranda Kerr has Butt Cancer

Before you get your hopes up that Miranda Kerr will sleep with you just because she has cancer and is desperate, let me say she doesn\'t really have cancer. I lied. But take a look at the images of her butt on the beach below and you\'ll see a mole the size of a small child\'s fist. That thing can\'t be healthy...someone pop it. ... [Full Story]

Miranda Kerr Sexy Runway Bikini Pictures

Miranda Kerr is absolutely gorgeous and these bikini pictures on the runway prove it! Miranda has earned herself the status of a supermodel with her gorgeous face and her tight little body, and if you don't think she deserves such recognition, then just check out these sexy photos! Just about everything about Miranda is perfect in these shots... and to continue the perfection I added some more ... [Full Story]

Miranda Kerr Is Fully Exposed!

These pictures of Miranda's nude body are great! I just can't believe Orlando Bloom had a sexual relationship with her! But hey, I've seen better naked pictures, like nude Shannon Elizabeth pictures! Anyway, aside from Shannon being hotter in my opinion (because I'm obsessed with her), these pics of Miranda completely nude just surfaced and its been causing a bit of excitement in pretty much ... [Full Story]