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Nick Hogan is Back on the Street, Ready to Make More Vegetables

According to TMZ, Nick Hogan, son of Hulk Hogan and cause of his best friend being a vegetable with a hole in his head, is allowed to drive again. Sorta. Nick was just granted a driving permit for business-related excursions -- meaning he can only drive from home to work and back again ... no exceptions. In theory, this shouldn\'t be a problem because there\'s no way Nick actually has ... [Full Story]

Nick Hogan is Free From Jail

Nick Hogan, the son of the Hulkster, was in a drag-racing accident several months back which left his friend with a giant hole in his head and in a vegatative state. Yes, like a carrot. Now according to TMZ, he\'s out: Nick Hogan was released from Pinellas County Jail just after midnight Tuesday morning. We\'re told he arrived back at his mom Linda\'s house to a thumping party, replete with ... [Full Story]

Hulk Hogan\'s Son is Getting Out of Jail

In case you forgot or just didn\'t care, Nick Hogan has been in prison for drag racing drunk and causing his friend, John Graziano, to have an enormous hole in his head. TMZ: Nick\'s being released from Pinellas County Jail on Oct. 21, three months short of the eight-month sentence he got for felony reckless driving. His early release is for good behavior. The victim of the crash, John ... [Full Story]

Nick Hogan Gets Letter from an Accused Sex Offender!

Nick Hogan received a letter in jail from a 29-year-old former teacher accused of having sex with her students! Yahoo! News reports: A former teacher accused of having sex with students sent a letter of support to the jailed son of Hulk Hogan, authorities said. Stephanie Ragusa, who is also in jail, sent the letter June 2 to 17-year-old Nick Bollea, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office ... [Full Story]

Nick Hogan Tranferred Out of Solitary Confinement

Nick Hogan has now been transfered out of solitary confinement in jail and is now being forced to mingle with fellow inmates! Us Magazine says: Hulk Hogan's son has been transferred out of solitary confinement at a west Florida jail, the Associated Press reports. Nick Bollea, 17 who is behind bars for eight months after pleading no contest to causing a crash that critically injured his ... [Full Story]

Nick Hogan Blames Everyone But Himself for the Crash

Nick Hogan has no remorse for being the driver in that now infamous car crash that left his passenger and good friend, John Graziano, in a coma. In fact, Nick is blaming everyone and anyone he can think of except for himself! We've obtained his response to the civil lawsuit that John's family filed against the Hogans, and it's outrageous: Nick blames virtually every person on the planet ... [Full Story]

Nick Hogan Is Having a Hard Time in Jail

Nick Hogan is having a tough time being in jail! I guess the poor guy thought it would be a nice little vacation. Unfortunately, that has not been the case! The New York Post's Page Six reports: NICK Hogan is not doing well in jail, friends say. The son of pro wrestler Hulk Hogan started serving eight months in California's Pinellas County Jail on May 9 for a drunken-driving accident that ... [Full Story]

Nick Hogan Crash Victim, John Graziano, Opens His Eyes!

John Graziano, who was the passenger in Nick Hogan's now infamous car crash back on August 26th and feared to be in a coma for the rest of his life, has now opened his eyes! Tampa Bay's Channel 10 News reports: Tampa, Florida Four months after a crash that left him with serious brain injuries, 22-year-old John Graziano is now semiconscious and has opened his eyes, his mother confirmed to ... [Full Story]

The Hulk Hogan Divorce Might Be A Fraud!

Hulk Hogan's divorce from his wife, Linda, might not be a real divorce! It is definitely real on paper, but it may not be the result of any problems within the Hogan family. Rather, both Hulk Hogan and Linda may have planned the divorce together so the family won't lose all of their assets in court. In late August, Hulk Hogan's son, Nick, was in the driver's seat when he crashed his Toyota ... [Full Story]

Hulk's Son Crashes Supra, Passenger In Critical Condition

Fox News reports that Hulk Hogan's son, Nick, was driving his Toyota Supra at very high speeds when he lost control and hit a raised median at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Sunday in Clearwater, Florida. It was at this point that the car flipped around and the rear was forced into the side of a palm tree. Both 17-year-old Nick and his passenger, 22-year-old John J. Graziano, endured ... [Full Story]

Nick Hogan Faces Criminal Charges for August Crash

Nick Hogan (mugshot shown above left), son of former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, faces criminal charges for his August 26, 2007 car accident that has left his passenger and longtime friend, John Graziano (shown above right), in a coma. TMZ reports: Clearwater PD today released details of their investigation into the August 26 crash. In addition to being arrested for reckless driving ... [Full Story]

Nick Hogan's Passenger May Be in Nursing Home for Life

Remember how Hulk Hogan's son, Nick Hogan, crashed his Toyota Supra while speeding in Clearwater, Florida back in August? And you know how everybody forgot about his severely injured passenger and friend, John Graziano? Yea, well sources indicate that Graziano might spend the rest of his life being cared for in a nursing home. TMZ reports: "In a report filed by registered nurse Joanne ... [Full Story]