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No, Olivia Wilde, We\'re Watching YOU.

... as usual, that wasn\'t supposed to sound so creepy and illegal (this is probably why the cops never believe me when I say I\'m not a pervert). But her nicely packaged body is the best thing I\'ve seen all week. So, I am going to stare at it while trying to fill the True Blood and Breaking Bad void until Sunday. My life is sad. ... [Full Story]

Burt Wonderstone is Going to Be a Great Movie. I Can Tell.

What do Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde and a horrible fake tan all have in common?! You got it! \"Burt Wonderstone!\" This is a new movie that these three are going to be appearing in... and while I have no idea what it is about, I\'m just going to assume it\'s a fake documentary on the lives of aging Jersey Shore guidos. ... [Full Story]

Jason Sudeikis is a Hero Among Men.

What does the SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde have in common? You wouldn\'t guess it at first, but Olivia loves to touch Jason\'s penis. So cute, right? These two are quite possibly the cutest famous couple I have ever seen, simply because of the fact that anytime I look at them, I think of Jason Sudeikis doing his awesome Joe Biden impression and I LOL. Because that means ... [Full Story]

Olivia Was a Princess or Something

Olivia Wilde and her husband, an ITALIAN PRINCE, have officially separated. Although I couldn\'t be happier, I\'m considering one thing: is Olivia Wilde dumb? \"They have been living apart after trying for quite some time to make their relationship work,\" says a source. Wilde, 26, eloped with Ruspoli, 35, an Italian prince whose family owns Rome\'s Palazzo Ruspoli, when she 18 years ... [Full Story]

Olivia Wilde - Looking Hot and Normal at Tron!

Thank God. I was seeing way too much of \"high fashion\" Olivia (a.k.a., ugly clothes and makeup). Now that \"Tron\" has finally premiered, maybe she can get back to making the rest of her fans happy with \"House MD,\" yes? ... [Full Story]

Olivia Wilde is Alive. And a.. Transvestite?

I don\'t understand high fashion, Flaunt or Olivia Wilde. Why those three things come together to make a male Olivia Wilde stick his hand down his pants... I have no idea. Thanks Flaunt, for ruining a perfectly hot chick. Even though \"House\" never addressed where 13 went, it\'s apparent that she is alive IRL. \"Tron: Legacy\" is being released and Olivia Wilde was... butch in that, too ... [Full Story]

Olivia Wilde Has Got Mad Skills

I have no idea if Olivia Wilde is acting on the set of House, or if she is just taking a break to Tweet about her ridiculous political views, but I\'m impressed. Mainly because I want to rub against any part of her. Especially her feet. It\'s neat to see actors in action on the set of their very-famous shows. Look at all of that eating, standing around and reading of magazines. What talent! ... [Full Story]

Olivia Wilde in the Italian GQ (and more)

Olivia Wilde wasn\'t voted the sexiest girl in 2010 because of her uncanny ability to solve medical mysteries on House. It was because she\'s...well, the sexiest girl of 2010. The Italian version of GQ was lucky enough to land some new pictures of her, and I also threw in an older GQ photo shoot for good measure. Check these pictures out...and this video. ... [Full Story]

Olivia Wilde in a Blue Dress

Here\'s everyone\'s favorite female TV doctor, Olivia Wilde, all dressed up for the Fox All Star Party. I\'m not quite sure what that is, but it sounds like a party just for the Fox actors who are on successful shows. That lesbian girl in Fringe is probably sad she didn\'t make it, but oh well. Lesbians are tough, that\'s why they wear hiking boots. ... [Full Story]

The Olivie Wilde You Know and Love

Here\'s Olivia Wilde in an Antoine Verglas photo shoot, looking like a girl deserving of Maxim\'s #1 hottest girl of the year. She\'s been looking very average lately, so it\'s good to see her finally step it up a bit and live up to her title. Then again, living up to Maxim\'s view isn\'t exactly difficult seeing as how Michelle Obama made the top 100. Seriously, what the H? I\'m not even sure ... [Full Story]

Olivia Wilde at the Anniversary of the Environmental Awards

Apparently yesterday marked 20 years of the Environmental Media Awards, which I\'ve never heard of in my life, and Olivia Wilde cared enough to be there. I think she should be solving a medical mystery or dating Omar Epps, not going to these silly events. But that\'s just my opinion and pretty sure no one\'s ever listened to it. So check out these pictures. ... [Full Story]

Olivia Wilde for a Wild Weekend

Here\'s Olivia Wilde outside of the Late Show studios the other day, looking like her fantastic, lengthy self. Now that House MD is back, hopefully we\'ll see a lot more of her...even though, um, she just got fired on the last episode. Let\'s just pretend that didn\'t happen though and assume she\'ll be back. Enjoy your weekend. ... [Full Story]