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In Other News: Paris Hilton Was Crawling on a Beach.

Instead of the sad and obvious attempt to be sexy, let\'s pretend Paris Hilton was putting on a brilliant Brigette Neilsen \"I\'m drunk in a public place!\" impression. Honestly, she has the rolling around in the dirt down, but if she bleached her hair a bit more she could REALLY sell it. Call me Paris, I\'ll make your life a little less ridiculous. ... [Full Story]

Paris Hilton Needs to Take Better Care of Her Cocaine

Sooner or later Paris Hilton needs to learn some responsibility. When she made her reality show with Nicole Richie, I thought that maybe it was a quick lapse in judgment. After all, I didn\'t know her (and didn\'t particularly care to). But when didn\'t OD and die (and just got busted for cocaine possession) I knew she was irresponsible. Now, there are pictures of her Yukon SUV covered in a white ... [Full Story]

Deadmau5 Is Not Stupid Enough to Hang Out With Paris Hilton

I don\'t know who Deadmau5 is (and I can\'t even pronounce his name), but I know he can\'t possibly be stupid enough to get all chummy with Paris Hilton. She recently claimed that she was on \"a quest to become most POWERFUL female house musician of all time,\" and that Deadmau5 made her his protege. The world famous DJ\'s reply? \"Hell no.\" \"HEY WORLD… im not teaching Paris Hilton how to ... [Full Story]

Paris & Lindsay Are BFF Aagain

Lindsay Lohan knows that you can\'t win back American audiences on your own. Oh no, you need some help. That\'s why she is getting friendly with Paris Hilton agai... ... Ah, crap Lindsay. You might want to do better than Paris if you want to get people to like you. Lindsay went over to Paris\'s place in Malibu for a beach party. Some of the other attendees were Paris\'s sister Nicky, actress ... [Full Story]

Paris Hilton is Making Out With The Hangover\'s Director

If this isn\'t a play to get into Todd Phillip\'s next movie, I don\'t know what is. According to TMZ, the recently single Paris Hilton has been getting to know \"The Hangover\" director Todd Phillips via her tongue in his mouth. They were seen making out together Thursday night inside Beacher\'s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Nice attempt at an advantageous match, Paris. I ... [Full Story]

Paris is Single Again

Yet again, Paris Hilton failed to find a guy that would keep her. It might be because she only dates ridiculous meat-heads, but I can\'t be sure. \"They are broken up,\" one pal tells Us of Hilton, 30, and Vegas club owner Waits. \"It\'s sad, she cares about him a lot and thinks he\'s a great guy but they really hit a rough patch.\" Hilton and her rep had no comment. The reality star and ... [Full Story]

Paris Hilton Got Plastic Surgery When She Was 14?

Paris Hilton is a party girl with no real talent and a bad attitude... but did you know that she was LITERALLY always that way? LA Weekly published an excerpt from a new book about Hollywood from reporter Neil Straus, who interviewed her at a party when she was 18. In that interview, she divulged that she got plastic surgery at a very, very young age. When talking about the interview, Strauss ... [Full Story]

Paris Hilton is a Hippie With a Laptop

\"I don\'t care for bras or showers... however, I cannot live without my Macbook Pro.\" -Words that came directly out of Paris Hilton\'s mouth I\'m not sure what the reason was for Paris Hilton\'s recent hippie escapade, but I\'m not going to complain. The clothes were thing and she was kind of sexy looking. I still don\'t understand her computer hippie ensemble, but maybe I\'m not meant to. ... [Full Story]

Paris Hilton Now Owes Company $70 Mil?

What started out as a $35 million lawsuit is now turning into a near $70 million one. Paris Hilton may now actually feel the effects of this litigation. Egads! Hairtech International has amended its lawsuit against Paris.... they\'re now claiming that Paris cost them $70 million in profits by reneging on her deal. The company originally sued for $35 million back in August. The lawsuit ... [Full Story]

Paris Hilton Has an Ugly Swimsuit

Paris was in Hawaii over Christmas... wearing weird bikinis and hanging out with her biggest d-bag boyfriend yet. Usually I\'m supportive of holiday bikini pictures, but Paris must have gotten a little confused in the dressing room because her suit is hideous. I know she isn\'t fat, but the missing strips of material makes me think her gut is poking out through her suit. And no matter how much I ... [Full Story]

Everyone Wants to Stab Paris

A few weeks ago, a knife wielding maniac broke into Paris\'s property. Paris nearly got stabbed (yay!). Now, there is a brand new almost-stabbing. This has gone from \"good idea\" to \"strange conspiracy.\" According to Paris\'s Twitter: We were about to take off then security made everyone deplane because they found a big knife on board the plane. Scary that it got on plane. The knife ... [Full Story]

Paris Wants You to be Thankful

As soon as I started getting hungry for turkey and stuffing on this Thanksgiving day, Paris ruined my preference for stuffing. Forever. During an \"Oops, I Forgot my Pants!\" moment earlier, Paris let a photog get a glance at her rear. And everything that is involved with that. So I hope you were wanting to see Paris Hilton\'s stuffing, cranberries and peas. Because that\'s what you\'re ... [Full Story]