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Paula Abdul Got Fired, Too. Whoops!

Oops, I take back what I just said about Paula getting Nicole Pussycat Doll fired for being hot - Paula Abdul just got fired from \"X Factor\" herself. Simon Cowell personally recruited Paula after she stopped being a judge on \"American Idol.\" However, she got the news from one of the show\'s lawyers and not Simon himself. It looks like two little girls didn\'t do enough to impress Daddy ... [Full Story]

Paula Abdul is Officially Going to Be on X Factor

More Paula? Great. Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell are about to be re-united on national television. She has now officially signed on to be a judge on his new \"X-Factor\" show. I\'m not sure if I\'m thrilled about seeing her psychotic face anymore. Paula only recently signed the contract and the filming has already begun in Los Angeles. The show announced yesterday that Nicole Scherzinger and ... [Full Story]

Paula Abdul Proves How Stupid She Is

After years of watching Paula drool on her own shoes during American Idol, it\'s no surprise to the public that she is full-retard. But now we get to watch her throw away bags of money - and although that does sound fun - it\'s just a neat way to say making really stupid career choices. According to TMZ, Paula has decided against participating in Dancing With the Stars. (AKA the show that ... [Full Story]

Seriously, Paula?

Everyone\'s favorite former American Idol judge and all around crazy probable drug addict, Paula Abdul, decided to show up at the AMA last night wearing a dress that required the assistance of 3 losers. I wonder how much that job pays, holding up the dress of Paula Abdul. Probably minimum wage or something. I was once offered the position of holding Jack Black\'s gut out of a camera shot, but I ... [Full Story]

This Paula Abdul Stuff Will Never End

American Idol season 343 auditions have already started, and Paula Abdul isn\'t at them, so I\'m really hoping this story can come to a close soon. But since it hasn\'t, here\'s the latest according to TMZ: Sources close to Paula Abdul say even though \"Dancing with the Stars\" ain\'t gonna happen, she\'s still talking to ABC about a show of her very own. As we first reported, Paula met ... [Full Story]

Why Is This Woman in Demand?

My theory that Paula Abdul would be giving people their ice cream on roller skates soon just isn\'t panning out at all. She\'s already close to getting a new deal according to TMZ: Paula Abdul isn\'t missing a beat. Our spies say she spent part of the afternoon yesterday with ABC entertainment honcho Steve McPherson. We\'re told Stevie M. wants Paula to be a contestant on \"Dancing With ... [Full Story]

The Paula Abdul Saga Continues

The roller coaster ride that is Paula Abdul resigning with American Idol needs to come to an end one way or another, preferably with Paula serving me my fries at Wendy\'s. Here\'s the latest according to TMZ: We\'ve already reported well-connected \"Idol\" sources say they haven\'t closed the door on bringing Paula back for season 9. We\'re told they have not communicated with Abdul since ... [Full Story]

Oh Great, Nevermind

After having the best Wednesday in years because I thought Paula Abdul was officially ousted from returning to American Idol, I wake up today, stumble naked over to my computer, and read this TMZ crap: Multiple \"American Idol\" insiders are telling TMZ there is a chance Paula will come back to the show. Reality -- better than a good chance. We\'re told the conflict is ultimately all ... [Full Story]

Finally Gone

Paula Abdul will officially not be back on American Idol this year, and that pleases me mostly because I\'m not into spazzy tards, but also because she never really contributed anything beyond pretending people who should be shot can sing. Anyway, here\'s the story according to TMZ: As we already reported, we\'re told Paula was pulling in somewhere between $2 and $3 million a year and she ... [Full Story]

Paula Abdul is Poor

After Ryan Seacrest signed a deal, giving him $15 million per year, Paula Abdul and her deficient brain came up with the idea that she deserves more. Sources indicate: Abdul isn\'t angry at Ryan personally for his new $45 million, 3-year deal, but she\'s bent out of shape at producers that she\'s making minimum \"Idol\" wage -- we\'re told between $2 and $3 mil a year. Our spies say ... [Full Story]

Bad News, Paula Abdul Will Probably Be Back

Well, my hopes that Paula Abdul would be replaced by a chimp or a giant cup of Pepsi just took a major hit. She\'s confident she\'ll be back according to the AP: Paula Abdul says she has been invited to remain as an \"American Idol\" judge and that she\'s optimistic that she\'ll be able to negotiate a new contract. \"I\'ve been invited to stay the duration of the show, however long it ... [Full Story]

Paula Abdul Should Probably Stop Talking

After reports that Paula Abdul said that having new Idol judge Kara Dioguardi \"doesn\'t work,\" she\'s taking it back because, um, it\'s probably pretty awkward sitting beside her every week after saying it. Entertainment Tonight: \"It is unfortunate that a quote of mine was taken completely out of context today,\" says Paula. \"I was actually referring specifically to the use of \'guest ... [Full Story]