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Petra Nemcova Shows Off Her Beauty AGAIN in Cannes!

Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova has been showing the world how beautiful she really is even on a daily basis! It seems like every day since she's been at the Cannes Film Festival she's taken the opportunity to look her best and I like that about her. Oh, and a little cleavage doesn't hurt the cause! Petra at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS soiree yesterday: ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova Should ALWAYS Be Noticed in Cannes!

Despite recent reports claiming that supermodel and philanthropist Petra Nemcova has been continually ignored at the Cannes Film Festival over the past few days, you can't deny that she didn't look absolutely gorgeous last night! Here's Petra Nemcova doing what she does best, looking beautiful, at Cannes last night! Seriously, you don't find this kind of pure beauty in Hollywood often. Oh ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova Is Being Ignored by Everyone!?

Petra Nemcova is being completely and utterly ignored by everyone these days, which is ironice because she's gorgeous and it's usually the uglies that can't get attention. The New York Post's Page Six says: POOR Petra Nemcova. Not only was her former fling, Sean Penn, ignoring her all over the Cannes Film Festival, but paparazzi are snubbing her as well. During Tuesday's event for Wy clef ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova Sells Real Estate Now!?

Petra Nemcova is selling real estate now? Apparently she's working with some big real estate agency to sell two New York apartments in the $25 million range! The New York Post's Page Six reports: PETRA Nemcova , the supermodel who survived a tsunami by hanging onto a tree, has branched out into real estate. The Czech stunner is working with Aglow Properties to sell two apartments in the $25 ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova Has a New Philanthropic Passion!

Petra Nemcova recently shared her thoughts about the abuse that poor young children endure in Cambodia because she basically just has a nack for being a hot supermodel and a philanthropist all at the same time! Specifically, OK! Magazine says: Supermodel and humanitarian Petra Nemcova recently visited Cambodia, not as a tourist, but to see the horrors of human trafficking up close. "It ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova's Latest Lingerie Photoshoot!

If you didn't already know that Petra Nemcova was unbelievably hot because of her recent "La Senza" lingerie photoshoot, then you should check out this brand new lingerie photoshoot of Petra as the new face for "Tres Jolie" lingerie. Wow, I could really get used to all of these lingerie companies using Petra as a way to put their product on the map, because seeing her in lingerie like this never ... [Full Story]

Could Sean Penn Be Dating Petra Nemcova!?

Back around Christmas time, Sean Penn separated from his wife of 11 years, Robin Wright Penn. Now, could he be dating gorgeous Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova!? Some are now speculating that that is indeed the case! Specifically, People Magazine says: Less than two months after he announced his separation from his wife of 11 years, Sean Penn hit Sunday night's Oscar party circuit with a new ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova's Sexy Lingerie Photoshoot

Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova is absolutely perfect in all aspects of life. Of course, she's obviously gorgeous, but that's not all... she's a humanitarian who is renowned for helping the poor and less fortunate throughout the world. Wow, an unbelievably hot chick with a good heart. That's rare. But what I'm more concerned with here isn't the heart beating in her chest, but rather the tiny ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova Blows Me Kisses Again!

Petra Nemcova just can't stop sending me pictures! Honestly, about once a week I receive personal mail from her, and she always includes a few photos of her patented move of blowing me kisses! If you remember, Petra Nemcova was blowing kisses to me not long ago. This... infatuation that she has for me is cute and everything, but I'm worried that it may develop into an obsession. It's not that ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova Gets All Philanthropic in Haiti

If you look closely in the center of the above photo, you can see Petra Nemcova out helping the poor in Haiti this week. I love all things Petra Nemcova. Not only does she look perfect, but she's pretty much a perfect all-around human and I like that about her. For instance, yesterday, she was in Haiti being the hot philanthropist that she is helping out poverty stricken little kids. See, and ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova and Avril Lavigne Are an Odd Mix

It's an interesting feeling to see the combination of Avril Lavigne and Petra Nemcova in these pictures. You know, normally, I don't think to myself... hey, you know what goes good with a pure beauty Czechoslovak... a nice, pale, Canadian punk-rocker chick. But, you know what, despite the unusual nature of this combination, I don't really mind it. In a way, they're kind of like sweet and sour ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova's Hot "Rampage" Photoshoot

You have to see these Petra Nemcova photoshoot pictures! She looks nothing short of perfect. ... [Full Story]