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Rachel Bilson Needs to Stop Being Unemployed

I liked Rachel Bilson more whenever she was acting. It\'s not that she is any less attractive (trust me, I would still murder my grandmother if that meant I got to sleep with her). I just get tired of her infrequency in the media. If she is going to tease me, she better be teasing me every day. ... [Full Story]

Rachel Bilson is Still Skinnier than Mischa Barton

It\'s always funny to watch what happens to the case of a once popular show. For instance, the only actor from \"Friends\" to really go on to do much more was Jennifer Aniston. Both David Schwimmer and Courtney Cox had a lot of \"behind the scenes\" goings on, so they were relatively successful as well. The rest were probably just drug addicted slobs. With \"The O.C.,\" it looks like Adam ... [Full Story]

Rach Bilson is Living the Single Life

It\'s about time that cute-person Rachel Bilson gave up on her longtime boyfriend, Hayden Christensen. The two were previously engaged, but while on the red carpet for the Take No Prisoners event in Los Angeles on Wednesday. When asked about her ringless finger, since the media has no shame, she replied that she didn\'t have any wedding plans. \"No nothing\" were her exact words. If ... [Full Story]

Rachel, the Cutie Patootie

Rachel has been looking as cute as ever (unlike the now fat and scary Mischa Barton)... but her dress is a little confusing. Is a bra? Is it a dress? Should I be turned on or just confused? I think I\'ll go with a happy mixture of those two. Keep it up Rachel, ya cute MFer. ... [Full Story]

Rachel Bilson is a Hoodlum

Here\'s Rachel Bilson looking like she\'s about to commit the sexiest robbery in 7/11 history. I\'m not sure where she\'s going, but she makes hoods look good. I think I\'ll start wearing my hood up, even when I go out to a fancy place to eat like Ruby Tuesday or a funeral. Check out these pictures. ... [Full Story]

Rachel Bilson is a Little Bit Ridiculous

Rachel Bilson did a photo shoot for ASOS Magazine recently, and I\'m not sure if that\'s some kind of publication for bipolar people or what, but it should be. She looks like a suicidal emo chick in half the pictures and a happy, possibly retarded chick in the others. But either way, this is a step up from the boring candid pictures the paps are always taking of her. So...yay for bipolar disorder! ... [Full Story]

Rachel Bilson Looks Older

Usually, Rachel Bilson is wearing something really casual like a hoodie or an Indian chief hat, but yesterday she was spotted by the paparazzi wearing nice business attire. At least this is what I think business attire looks like, I\'ve never really seen an actual businessman. I did see a few in a movie once, but you know how movies are. Losers like me end up with girls like Kate Beckinsale and ... [Full Story]

Rachel Bilson Shops with Some Snotty Girl

Rachel Bilson was out shopping with some girl who is confident her feces doesn\'t stink. She\'s wrong, it smells awful. But anyway, Rachel might want to go easy on the shopping because I don\'t think she\'s had a legitimate job since whatever the heck her last legitimate job was. The OC, I guess? I\'m not IMDB so I don\'t know these things. I just give sage advice. ... [Full Story]

This is Getting Ridiculous

As you know if you\'re an avid reader of Celeb Parasite, which you probably aren\'t, I\'m often making fun of female celebrities for walking around while carrying a Blackberry, keys, a rape whistle, and sometimes a small animal all in their hands at the same time. Well, Rachel Bilson has brought this ridiculous act to all new levels by carrying what appears to be a bottle of hot sauce, a gigantic ... [Full Story]

Rachel Bilson Keeps it Real

As I\'ve mentioned before on this creepy blog, I have a mad crush/lust/desire/willingness to go to prison for Rachel Bilson. And I think the reason is because she looks like a girl you could see every day, and that\'s appealing. I\'m not a high class guy, so you can keep your fancy models. Just give me a slice of Rachel Bilson and I\'m happy. I know, I don\'t ask for much. ... [Full Story]

Can You Spare Some Change?

You might know I love Rachel Bilson, so I\'m perfectly fine with her new career choice as a homeless woman, but it\'s still sad to see. She had so much promise, and now this. Rachel, if you\'re reading this on someone else\'s screen through the window of the local Starbucks, call me. I\'ll take good care of you. ... [Full Story]

Rachel Bilson is Nice

Rachel Bilson was seen walking on the streets of New York this past weekend. I don\'t know where she was heading, but hopefully it was to an audition since I haven\'t seen her on TV in months. Although if she was smart, she\'d just take her fortune she\'s accumulated and leave the celebrity world forever. Take it from me, being famous isn\'t as easy as you think. ... [Full Story]