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Rihanna and Chris Brown Are Doing It Again

Even though Rihanna was recently tweeting about how much she loved being single and hated Chris Brown... she was seen cuddling up to him on Christmas day at the Laker\'s basketball game. Looks like someone is independent! ... [Full Story]

Rihanna\'s New Tattoo

This is a new tattoo Rihanna got in London on a very... sensitive... part of her body. It\'s of Isiris and we\'re not really sure why. But that\'s not important. What\'s important is that just a few inches above where this photo cuts off are Rihanna boobs. BOOBS, WE SAY. ... [Full Story]

Rihanna is a Stupid Stoner.

It\'s so easy to find reasons not to like Rihanna. Women don\'t like her because she is either too attractive (HAHAHAHA) or doesn\'t respect herself as a woman. Men don\'t like her because she seems like a catty b*tch who is generally pretty stupid. And I don\'t like her because while she was on vacation in Italy, she smoked weed in public and had stupid hair. Hey, those are deal breakers for me ... [Full Story]

Rihanna. Ew.

Somewhere along the line, Rihanna forgot what was it like to look attractive. At her core, she is an attractive punching bag for Chris Brown. But when she wears the visors and jumpsuit of an 85 year old, she loses her appeal. I don\'t understand celebrities. Trying to look ugly doesn\'t make you hot. ... [Full Story]

Rihanna Thinks She is Edgy

I\'m not sure if there is anything worse than a person who dedicates their life to putting out an image of themselves that a.) isn\'t very attractive and b.) isn\'t natural. Most people try to be who they want to be and that is good. It\'s full of growth and personal development and all of those things I\'ll never get around to. But when people construct a stupid image and then project that ... [Full Story]


... ... if we all keep very, very still, Rihanna won\'t notice that her bra top is 110% transparent. (Or would it be considered translucent at this point?) Regardless, we can all see some dinner plates hanging out on her chest. And that\'s pretty cool. Right, Miley? ... [Full Story]

Rihanna Forgot to Wear Clothes.

While visiting people down under in Sydney, Australian, Rihanna made a mistake that is very common with tourists: she completely forgot to wear clothes. Silly Ri-Ri! I know that being in the Southern Hemisphere can be tough on a person, but looking in a mirror before leaving the house could have really saved Rihanna from wearing that trenchcoat-only ensemble. ... [Full Story]

Rihanna is Mad That You Would Ask About Her Dating Life She Makes Public.

While at a press conference for Battleship in London, Rihanna got b*tchy when someone asked her whether or not she was dating Ashton Kutcher. After Chris Brown, you would think that this would be nothing but one big compliment. Instead of understanding that her dating life is very public, she acted like a popular high school whore. E! News reports: \"Wow, how disappointing was that ... [Full Story]

Rihanna Called a Girl Fat. For Almost No Reason.

Hey, remember when Chris Brown punched Rihanna repeatedly in the face really freaking hard? And then photos of her puffy, abused face surfaced? Yeah, that wasn\'t that long ago. So a fan of Rihanna\'s went on twitter and posted this after hearing Rihanna and Chris Brown were going to be working together: \"I gotta admit, I lost a lot of respect for @rihanna.. Makin a song w/ the dude that ... [Full Story]

Rihanna Thinks She Knows Whats Best for Katy Perry.

Katy Perry is newly single. Not only is she recently single, but she was just recently married. So shacking up with someone else is probably the last thing on her mind. So it\'s no surprise that Rihanna, she of little brain functioning, suggested that she will find Katy Perry a new man. Hollywood Life reports: \"Katy has been very upset about the divorce,\" a source tells us. \"She never ... [Full Story]

Chris Brown Loves Rihanna\'s Music.

Because he is such a good guy, Chris Brown publicly supported a Rihanna song when it came on in an Orlando nightclub this weekend. He sang along to every lyric in Club Vain on Sunday night during an NBA All-Star party. So does this sing along to \"We Found Love\" mean that there is a major reconciliation in the works ... or does it just mean Chris Brown was singing along to a song in a ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry is On the Prowl. Rihanna Doesn\'t Mind.

Sometimes, after a bad breakup, you just need to connect with someone new. Usually a rebound is fleeting (but good for the soul, like chicken soup). ... And it looks like Rihanna is in Katy Perry\'s sights. Sure, the 2012 Grammys probably made Rihanna seem sexier and Katy\'s hair bluer... but love was in the air my friends. Love and Hepatitis C. ... [Full Story]