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Roman Polanski Gets a Small Victory

Roman Polanski, who is still awaiting a Swiss court\'s ruling as to whether he\'ll be extradited to the United States for sleeping with a 13 year old in the 70s, just won a court case apparently in his spare time. AFP says: Film maker Roman Polanski won damages on Friday from a French newspaper that photographed him at his Swiss home where he is confined pending extradition proceedings on ... [Full Story]

Roman Polanski Decision Coming Soon

The decision whether to extradite Roman Polanski from Switzerland for having sex with a 13 year old who is now like 44 should be made this month or next month according to AFP: Switzerland will decide later this month or in February whether to accept a US request to extradite child sex fugitive and film-maker Roman Polanski, the Swiss Justice Ministry said on Thursday. The French-Polish ... [Full Story]

Roman Polanksi Thanks his Supporters

Roman Polanski, the old film director who had sex with a 13 year old back in the 70s, is still waiting to see if he\'ll be extradited from Switzerland. In the meantime, he\'s thanking his supporters, which I can only assume consists of pedophiles in prisons across America. Reuters reports: Roman Polanski has thanked people who have sent messages of support during his battle to avoid ... [Full Story]

Photo of Roman Polanski and his Wife Sells for Over $11k

A nude photograph of Roman Polanski, best known for his United States exile for doing a 13 year old, and his wife Sharon Tate, best known for being brutally murdered by the Charles Manson gang, sold for $11,250 recently according to Reuters: A nude photograph of film director Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate, taken shortly before she was brutally murdered, sold for $11,250 at an ... [Full Story]

Hide Your Teenage Daughter, Roman Polanski is Free

Roman Polanski, the director/producer who has been hiding in Switzerland since the late 70s after stupidly admitting to banging a 13 year old, is finally free on bail. TMZ reports: Roman Polanski is out of prison -- and is now trapped in the strict confines of his luxury, 19,000 square foot, three-story Swiss chalet. The director -- who is fighting extradition to the U.S. for having sex ... [Full Story]

Roman Polanski Will Be in Jail for One More Weekend

Roman Polanski, the 76 year old director who banged a 13 year old back in the 70s and idiotically admitted to it, will be in jail for at least another weekend according to AFP: Roman Polanski has not come up with 4.5 million dollars bail to allow him to be moved to house arrest in his Swiss chalet, and will stay in jail till after the weekend, Swiss authorities said Friday. The ... [Full Story]

Still Trying To Get Out

Roman Polanski is still trying to get out of a Swiss prison as he waits for a decision to be made about his extradition to the United States for doing it with a 13 year old girl in 1977. According to sources: Lawyer Herve Temime says the offer Monday includes \"adequate guarantees\" that Polanski will not flee justice if released. The 76-year-old director is awaiting a decision on ... [Full Story]

Polanski Victim Wants the Case Dismissed

For the past few weeks, I\'ve been thinking the 13 year old girl Roman Polanski had sex with was living under a bridge somewhere, having nightmares between her panic attacks. But it turns out she wants the case dismissed and the media to leave her the H alone. AFP: Lawyers for Samantha Geimer made the request in a court motion filed in Los Angeles on Friday, the latest of several pleas she ... [Full Story]

Roman Polanski\'s Lawyers are Contradicting Idiots

After being on the run for 31 years because he had sex with a 13 year old, the S has hit the F for Roman Polanski. Not sure why I abbreviated fan, but let\'s ignore that and read what the AP is saying: Lawyers for Roman Polanski are clashing over his legal strategy, with one saying the director won\'t surrender to U.S. authorities after 31 years on the run and another suggesting that ... [Full Story]

Denied Bail

Because sleeping with 13 year old girls isn\'t cool, Roman Polanski has been denied bail by the Swiss courts. According to the Associated Press: Noting his previous escape from U.S. authorities, Switzerland\'s top criminal court on Tuesday rejected Polanski\'s appeal to be released from prison because of the \"high\" risk that the 76-year-old director would try to flee again. Polanski\'s ... [Full Story]

Roman Polanski is in Some Trouble

You\'re probably wondering who the H Roman Polanski is, and if so, you\'re not alone because I was doing the same thing five minutes ago. Turns out this story about him is the most interesting of the day. And by interesting, I mean disturbing and it\'d be funny if he died. USMag has the story: The filmmaker, who helmed such projects as Rosemary\'s Baby and 2002\'s The Pianist, fled the U.S ... [Full Story]