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Katy Perry is Getting Nostalgic.

In October of 2010, Katy Perry married Russell Brand in India. Then, she divorced him less than two years later. Now, after going back to India without him, people are saying that she is missing her weird English husband. It\'s possible. But so is me working out today. It\'s possible, but we know it\'s not going to happen. \"Katy\'s been trying to get him back! She\'s a lost soul right ... [Full Story]

Russell Brand Doesn\'t Need No House.

So not only did Russell Brand refuse to take any money that Katy Perry earned during their relationship, but he is also kindly turning down any right to the house they bought together while they were married: Russell Brand is one step closer to severing all ties with Katy Perry - because he\'s surrendered his interest in the house they bought together while they were happily married - if ... [Full Story]

Russell Brand is a Good Man.

Even though Russell Brand did not sign a pre-nup when he married Katy Perry (and he is now entitled to approximately $20 million of Katy Perry\'s money) he is not going to be taking any of her money. Why? Because he is a good man and when people rob each other after getting a divorce it makes me want to hurt small, fluffy things. According to someone close to the ex-couple, \"This divorce is ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry & Russell Brand are Calling it Quits. Good God NO!!!

Hide your straight razors, because I have terrible, terrible news: Katy Perry and Russell Brand are getting a divorce. It\'s no surprise that two people who were on the opposite ends of the personality spectrum weren\'t able to get along long-term. I won\'t pretend to know anything about relationships, but let\'s just cut through the BS: he was sober, she wasn\'t. If they were constantly going to ... [Full Story]

This is Why Occupy Wall Street is Stupid

I have refrained from taking any official stance on the Occupy Wall Street Shenanigans. If they are working to re-instate the Glass-Steagall Act - then cool, you have a purpose and you\'re not just a bunch of hippies screaming about why life is unfair and how you hate rich people. But the fact is, most of the people don\'t really know what they are protesting. Plus, celebrities. Russell ... [Full Story]

Rock of Ages Readthrough - Tom Cruise is Committed

The adaptation of \"Rock of Ages\", a movie based on the musical about an 80ís rock star named Stacee Jaxx, just recently had a read through. In case you didn\'t know already, Tom Cruise is playing Stacee Jaxx. And he was (the only actor) in character for a read through with Mary J. Blige, Malin Akerman, Jullianne Hough, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Paul Giamatti. It seems to be a little early ... [Full Story]

WTF, Russell Brand? What is This Crap?

Sigh. I fear that Russell Brand is wearing out his welcome on the silver screen. \"Forgetting Sarah Marshall\" and even \"Get Him to the Greek\" was all right... I don\'t know or care about \"Arthur.\" But seriously, he is in ANOTHER movie? \"Rock of Ages\" is being filmed in Fort Lauderdale.T This movie is based on a Broadway play.... so there WILL be singing and dancing. Of course. I can ... [Full Story]

Katy and Russell are Enjoying the Married Life

So it seems that after getting married in India, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are enjoying the married life. And when I say \"the married life\" I mean the \"life of not showing Katy Perry\'s chest.\" Because (and I don\'t think that this is just a coincidence) Katy Perry is suddenly NOT showing her breasticles. No cleavage? Even less boob action? UGH. I\'m so disappointed in you Katy. That ... [Full Story]

Russell Brand Dealing With His Arrest

Back in September, Russell Brand got into a spot of trouble for defending his lovely vixen of a girlfriend... by smacking a paparazzo silly. The arrest from last month is now going to be settled by the L.A. City Attorney\'s Office. Law enforcement sources say that Brand, the paparazzo and the City Attorney will have a sit-down and try to work out the differences. The reason Brand got so ... [Full Story]

Russell Brand Loves His Underroos

I don\'t know how on Earth Katy Perry, countless whores, the entire UK and Russell Brand himself LOVE Russell Brand that much. Especially when he is naked. To me, he is only ugly son of a B and, even though his quick witted humor makes up for some of it, does not to be playing around on Katy Perry\'s funbags. I mean, I look like an ugly Russell Brand and I\'m getting NO action. :( ... [Full Story]

Are They a Couple? Does Anyone Care?

Rumors are circulating in the world of people with no lives, like myself, that Russell Brand and Katy Perry are dating. If they are, this is HUGE news. And by huge, I mean it doesn\'t matter at all. People went through the trouble of digging a little bit: Brand, 34, has joined Perry, 25, at fashion shows and parties for Paris\' fashion week, taken eerie strolls at dusk around a famous ... [Full Story]

Russell Brand to Host VMAs Again

Even though a lot of critics completely ripped Russell Brand apart after last year\'s VMAs, it seems that wasn\'t enough for MTV to get someone else, like my suggestion - PeeWee Herman. You know it would be funny. Anyway, the Associated Press says: MTV says Russell Brand will host the Video Music Awards for the second year in a row. The live event will be held in New York on Sept. 13. It ... [Full Story]