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Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock Are Hiking Buddies

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have been seen hiking together in Wyoming recently - and it wasn\'t just those two! Ryan was carrying along Sandra\'s adopted son, Louis Bardo. The group seemed to have a great time in Grand Teton National Park last weekend. Although there have been no confirmed reports of the two actors dating... a guy doesn\'t carry around a girl\'s kid unless he is interested ... [Full Story]

Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million to Japan Relief Efforts

According to CNN, Sandra Bullock donated an amazing amount of money to the relief efforts in Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami last week. According to CNN: \"It is the largest celebrity donation to the Red Cross to be announced since the disaster struck last Friday. \"The American Red Cross is extremely grateful for this generous support from Sandra Bullock ... This contribution ... [Full Story]

I See Someone Is Going to Hell

I sincerely hope that Michelle McGee was out of her mind on Valium at this Lasik surgery clinic... because what she is doing in these pictures is wrong on so many levels that even Satan is a little disappointed in her. Licking a picture of the woman whose emotional life you essentially ruined for the next 1-3 years? Classy. ... [Full Story]

Are Ryan & Sandra Together? Do We Care?

The only reason I am writing about not-Scarlett Johansson is because my therapist has told me to seek out pleasure in other topics. So let\'s talk about Ryan Reynolds - Scarlett\'s less-than-a-man ex (no matter how pretty he is). Sandra Bullock and Ry-Ry Reynolds have been attempting to smother any rumors about them bumping uglies... but they might want to stop hanging out so much if they ... [Full Story]

Sandra Bullock is ... Mad?

Allegedly, Sandra Bullock went off on Jesse James\' ex-wife during a phone conversation a few months ago. Although, I\'m skeptical since 1.) Sandra Bullock is a heavenly angel on earth and 2.) Janine Lindemulder\'s attorney is the one who leaked the \"fight\" information. Attorney Richard Masson says that the blowup occurred while Jesse was in rehab earlier this year. Janine called her ... [Full Story]

Sandra is Single, Jesse is a Retard

According to US Magazine, Sandra Bullock has finalized her divorce from husband of nearly five years Jesse James. The documents are sealed. The wedding dress is returned. The little black baby will probably be adopted by single-parent-Sandra. James and Bullock are on somewhat-speaking terms, and he would like to reconcile. ... thinking about the millionaire bank account, the fact that she is ... [Full Story]

ZOMG More Hot Celebrities Kissing

I\'m serious when I say that I\'m 100% fine with celebrities kissing each other, especially the hot 2-girl celebrity kiss. Crazy notion, right? I\'m not sure why they do it, maybe for a spike in ratings of whatever award show they\'re attending. But... I like their strategy. This time, the on-stage kiss was between Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock (who was winning the MTV Generation ... [Full Story]

Divorce is No Laughing Matter

It looks like Sandra Bullock isn\'t taking this divorce lightly; she is bolstering up her legal team by going out of state to hire people to her divorce team. Joseph Kibre, a California family law expert, is trying to get involved in the case. Usually out of state lawyers need the permission of the presiding judge. Why Sandra would go to California for a lawyer is a bit fuzzy, but she ... [Full Story]

A Mother in the Big Easy

Sandra has been preparing for her adoption since June of 2009; either that or after seeing the second season of True Blood she just decided that Louisiana was an awesome place to live. She formed a corporation in order to buy the $2.25 million Victorian house- the Big Easy Bebe LLC. In case you didn\'t know, \"bebe\" is French for \"baby\" (uh, duh). I\'m not a lawyer or an accountant ... [Full Story]

Oh. And She Bought a Baby.

Adopted...bought... same thing for celebrities anymore. Sandra told People magazine that she has filed for divorce and also that she adopted a 3 1/2 month old boy named Louis Bardo Bullock. It\'s like when a girl get\'s dumped and buys herself a puppy that will unconditionally love her... only it\'s a baby named Louis. She and Jesse started the adoption process together, so this isn\'t ... [Full Story]

Sandra is the Best Ex He\'ll Have

Apparently Sandy has been acting pretty sneaky. And I don\'t like it. Sandra Bullock filed for divorce in Travis County Court in Austin, Texas on APRIL 23. That was a whole 5 days ago. Sandra tried to keep it out of the press by being tricky; she didn\'t use their real names. The case was filed under her backwards initials (B.A.S.) and Jesse\'s name in the document was J.J.G. Via ... [Full Story]

Sandra Has His Kids. Is This Good or Bad?

It has been reported that Sandra Bullock has Jesse James\' kids with her. Sandra, Sunny, Chandler and Jesse, Jr. are supposedly being taken care or (or possibly eaten) by Sandra. She isn\'t at her Hollywood Hills home, however, since the place has been swarming with the paparazzi. Seeing that Sandra isn\'t taking out the drama on the kids (we think), it\'s probably a good sign for the ... [Full Story]