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Bieber and Selena are no more

Multiple news agencies are reporting that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are calling it quits. The famous hollywood young couple made their relationship public in February 2011. Eighteen-year-old Bieber is touring to promote his latest album, \"Believe,\" which includes the hit \"Boyfriend.\" Twenty-year-old Gomez is filming a \"Wizards of Waverly Place\" reunion for the Disney Channel. ... [Full Story]

Selena Gomez, the Fashion Rebel.

Not everyone can wear Daisy Duke jean shorts and a scarf at the same time... but the rules of mere humans don\'t apply to Selena Gomez! She was letting her cheeks hang out the other day while wearing half of a ski suit. Plus I\'m pretty sure a raccoon attacked her hair at some point. ... [Full Story]

Selena Gomez Has Awesome Halloween Spirit.

If it was in October (or hell, even late September) this should be totally awesome. Selena Gomez would be showing off her holiday (Halloween) spirit in the best fashion. But it isn\'t. And she is not. So, nice try, Sel-Go. Maybe next time. ... [Full Story]

Selena Gomez in Spandex Wishes You Happy Friday!

There is no better start to the weekend than objectifying Selena Gomez. (Unless it includes Selena Gomez herself, with or without spandex.) Enjoy! ... [Full Story]

Selena Gomez Needs to Eat a Cheeseburger Today.

I love Memorial Day. I think of all of the people who have bravely served our country while eating a pile of cheeseburgers. What\'s not to like about that? One thing I don\'t like doing, though, is realizing that Selena Gomez has a flat, bird butt. Aside from all of the \"aw, shucks, I don\'t have sex!\" attitude she throws out, she is pretty hot. Until she turns around. Hopefully Justin ... [Full Story]


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were at the Lakers game on Tuesday night. Unfortunately (for them and everyone watching) they were featured on the kiss cam. And much like a marriage 10 years in, they didn\'t want to touch each other and no one else wanted them to keep touching each other. Plus, they looked like ugly lesbians fighting over a hot dog. \"That was probably the most humiliating ... [Full Story]

Selena Gomez is Much Nicer Than You Will Ever Be.

Lately, I have been feeling down about the human race. Most of us are nothing but hormone-fueled maniacs that would sell their soul for 15 minutes of fame, sex or happiness. But then people like Selena Gomez do something nice and then I get all teary eyed and feel like hyperventilating over my world view being destroyed. Just recently, she visited Hana Hwang, a 13-year-old fan has progeria, a ... [Full Story]

Selena Gomez Could be Engaged to JB

I highly doubt it (since they are both, what, 17?), but there are some pictures floating around online of Selena wearing a diamond ring on her engagement ring finger. They were both in Los Cabos yesterday when she was seen with the diamond ring - and immediately all of Justin Bieber\'s fans swore to give Selena a bloody, violent death. Selena\'s reps say that they aren\'t engaged and they ... [Full Story]

Justin Bieber Thinks Girls Are Gross. Ewwies!

You\'re right, Justin. If I were spending a holiday in Mexico with Selena Gomez I would have the exact same reaction. I would be disgusted and ignore her most of the time by texting other sluts. GOOD CALL, Justin. You show that B who\'s BOSS! ... [Full Story]

Selena Gomez Frolicked Around Wearing Half of a Bikini

Sunbathing girls are the bomb. In order to get a LITTLE more sun exposure, they lose all common sense and whip out their private parts. Maybe not all of their private parts, but Selena Gomez definitely took off of her top and showed us a little bit of her bottom cleavage. I\'m not complaining, I\'m just surprised. Justin Bieber would be so disappointed in her. ... [Full Story]

Selena Gomez is Always at the Hospital Now

Selena Gomez was recently rushed to the hospital after taping an episode of The Tonight Show. Does she have a blood disorder? High cholesterol? A tiny baby fetus??? Sources tell us ... Gomez was feeling horrible during and after the show, complaining of nausea and a severe headache. She was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and is still there, undergoing tests. We\'re told the exact ... [Full Story]

So Many Tweens Are Going to Be Mad

I\'m not saying that Justin Bieber is a pervert... but he and his girlfriend Selena Gomez HAD to have had sex by now. My evidence? Please look at the placement of his hands: obviously a non-virgin gesture. ... [Full Story]