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Jude Law & Sienna Miller Finally Split

It looks like these two pretty ladies finally called it quits: Jude Law and Sienna Miller are done. ... For now, at least. I hate to back the finality of my original statement, but let\'s face it... anything that happens in Hollywood lasts for about 5 hours. You heard me, Dating Kim Kardashian. ... [Full Story]

Sienna Miller is Too Good for Jude Law

No matter how much she reminds me of my retarded cousin, Jethro, I think that Sienna is too good to be with Jude Law (AKA a man who would rather slum it with a nanny than emotionally control and scar Sienna Miller). Look at how cute she is, when she is using a taxi. It\'s like she isn\'t quite sure what\'s going on, but she is going to smile anyway. Atta girl! If you\'s a good girl, you\'s get a ... [Full Story]

Siena Miller is on a Boat

And you\'re welcome for the titular joke that was 1 year too late. Sienna Miller and her jerk English boyfriend Jude Law were seen lounging on a yacht... wearing barely any clothes and looking rich. Those a-holes. Don\'t they know that children are starving, getting beaten by their parents and freezing to death in Russia? At least Sienna shows off properly... by not wearing any clothes ... [Full Story]

Keira and Sienna Make the World a Bit More British

There\'s so much British beauty in these images that I just wanna drink tea and stop brushing my teeth. Or whatever stereotypes there are for English lads. They really should\'ve mixed in some Kate Beckinsale though to complete the package. It does make sense that Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller are together considering they\'re at the British Indie Film Awards. What a racist event! ... [Full Story]

Sienna Miller Suing Newspapers Over Candid Photos!

Sienna Miller is upset over recent topless photos of her that surfaced online. The photos show Miller in nothing but a bikini bottom, fooling around with Balthazar Getty (pictured above) of Brothers & Sisters on a beach in Italy. Getty is married with 4 kids, which made the otherwise standard nude pics a big controversy. Miller is now suing Big Pictures and News International, the ... [Full Story]

Sienna Miller Still Has Heath Ledger's Pajamas

Sienna Miller still has a pair of pajamas given to her by Heath Ledger to keep his memory strong in her heart. Us Magazine reports: "Heath and I had this amazing night out in Venice with my mother," Miller told Britain's Telegraph Magazine. "It had been pouring with rain. Heath ran out in the middle of St. Mark's square and we were running around, and I slipped over." Miller continued ... [Full Story]

Sienna Miller's Top Falls Off at the Beach!

These Sienna topless pictures show off her naked tone body! Seeing these photos makes me want to have a sexual relationship with her! Ahh, Sienna's great, she's always showing off her naked body. She's such a kind and considerate celeb when it comes to that kind of stuff! So, in celebration of her kindness, I have decided to present to you the latest topless pictures of Sienna right here ... [Full Story]

Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans Finally Engaged!

After proposing to Sienna Miller twice and getting denied both times, Welsh actor Rhys Ifans has finally convinced Sienna to marry him! Talk about the third time being the charm! The UK's The Sun reports: RHYS IFANS' old dear has finally confirmed reports that the star is engaged to his stunning wee wriggler of a girlfriend SIENNA MILLER. The couple is alleged to be planning a summer ... [Full Story]

Sienna Miller to Blame for Sean Penn's Divorce!?

Sources now say that Sienna Miller may be to blame for the recent divorce between Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn. Specifically, The NY Daily Mail reports: A source recalls a party in a suite at a New York hotel where they both were staying. "Sienna was sitting on Sean's lap," according the source. "She was dressed very sexily. She had her arm around his neck." That night, claims the ... [Full Story]

Sienna Miller Nipple Slip Through a See-Through Bra!

These Sienna Miller nipple slip pictures are great! But, of course, when you get a nip slip on a celeb who is always walking around fully nude, it's really no big deal. I mean, Sienna Miller is naked in public so often, when I see candid photos of her going out to the grocery store for some last-minute Cap'n Crunch and milk, I expect her to be walking around fully exposed with her little cupcake ... [Full Story]

Sienna Miller Full-Frontal Nudity in Hippie Hippie Shake

Completely nude photos of Sienna Miller have emerged from the set of her new movie Hippie Hippie Shake. I mean, sure we've seen her topless on the beachy shores of Ibiza, Spain... and we've seen her making out with Cillian Murphy in Trafalgar Square, but seeing Sienna like this is just an amazing site. It's a beautiful thing. It makes my life complete. And yours can be too if you want to see ... [Full Story]

Sienna Miller Kissing on the Set of Hippie Hippie Shake

Life is just better when there's some Sienna Miller in it... granted, it's probably best when she's on the beach topless... but seeing a hot chick like Sienna being fully-clothed never hurt no one neither (as they say in the south). So, Here's Sienna making-out real hard with co-star Cillian Murphy on the set of their new movie Hippie Hippie Shake in London yesterday. Oh by the way, check ... [Full Story]