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Sofia Vergara is Easy Going or Something

Sofia Vergara and her boyfriend Nick Loeb were seen happily hanging out in Miami the other day... even though they allegedly got into a massive fight on New Year\'s Eve: \"Nick appeared to get really angry after Sofia took a picture with a stranger, and started screaming at her. Nick had to be pulled off Sofia by security. Her dress got torn in the melee. This happened right in front of ... [Full Story]

I Would Do Illegal Things to Sofia Vergara.

I don\'t know if this Vanity Fair cover means Sofia Vergara\'s photoshoot is only in the Spanish version or if they are just making this issue themed (hopefully there are coupons for free tapas and articles about how terrible bull-fighting is, which I\'m sure applies to all Spanish countries, right?). Regardless, she is looking incredibly MILFy, what with her sexy boobs and cigarettes. Man, that ... [Full Story]

Sofia Vergara - The One True MILF.

I say that Kate Beckinsale and Salma Hayek are MILFs...and we laugh... but I always forget about the voluptuous Sofia Vergara. Her body, shaped like a Barbie sex doll, is obviously the most MILFy of them all. That doesn\'t mean Kate or Salma are ugly or anything. It just means that Sofia is the one, true MILF. (God, I bet she and her 20 year old son have some issues.) ... [Full Story]

Sofia Vergara Looking Crazy... But Hot.

With her manic smile and bright pink lipstick, Sofia Vergara was looking mighty insane the other night... but at least she still was very hot. Actually, the crazier a girl looks, the hotter she gets. Why? Because men are sad, sad creatures. ... [Full Story]

Someone Didn\'t Let THIS Into a Club.

Somewhere in New York City, a doorman is getting fired in triplicate for not letting Sofia Vergara into a club. The doorman wanted to see some ID, but since Sofia didn\'t have any on her, he refused her entrance. I understand that the US cares about not letting kids drink (LULZ 21 is the drinking age), but if a woman as hot as Sofia Vergara wants to come into your club, not only do you let her ... [Full Story]

Sofia Vergara Rescued a Woman in Vegas

Sofia Vergara should be known as the angel with two enormous, jiggly wings on her chest. Because that\'s what she is. An angel. When she was in Las Vegas for New Years Eve, she helped out a woman who collapsed in front of her. The woman she rescued was coming out of Hyde nightclub at the Bellagio around 3AM New Year\'s Day, when she fell unconscious. Sofia ran over and called for her cousin ... [Full Story]

Why Modern Family is Successful

\"Modern Family\" star Sofia Vergara single-handedly made the show successful. How? Because she has the best body on primetime television and she doesn\'t care who sees it. Men? Women? Children? SURE! They all need a peek of this exotic woman\'s body. :) (Plus, she is hilarious when she screams at Al Bundy on the show.) ... [Full Story]

Everyone Should Watch Modern Family Immediately

I\'ve seen plenty of Sofia Vergara and her generous bosom online, but I just NOW realized that she actually stars in the television show, \"Modern Family.\" I\'ve heard great things about it, but I\'m already incredibly loyal to about ten other shows. So I\'ll have to wait until \"The Office\" or \"30 Rock\" gets cancelled to get addicted to MF. Until then, I\'ll just stare at pictures of Sofia ... [Full Story]

Sofia Vergara on Set is Sexy.

No matter where Sofia is, she is sexy. If Sofia Vergara is on set, she is sexy. If she is peeing, she is sexy. If she is taking a shower... she is DEFINITELY sexy. Her \"foreigner\" appeal is universal. Even people from the same country (wherever that is)love her. Maybe she should be president. Or at least a high class hooker. ... [Full Story]

Sofia Vergara at SELF Event

Sofia Vergara was at a SELF event the other night, proving that she is like everyone else: she loves herself. I always forget about Sofia Vergara because I tend to be prejudiced against foreigners and generally anything I don\'t understand. I do understand one thing about Sofia... she is gorgeous and deserves to be married to me. ... [Full Story]

Sofia Vergara is on a Boat

Sofia Vergara is a Colombian model, and you know what they say about girls from Columbia. They\'re usually the daughters of drug lords. And they\'re hot. Check out these pictures for proof. ... [Full Story]

Sofia Vergara is the People\'s Choice

So maybe she isn\'t really the People\'s Choice, but she was there and she\'s my choice. Then again, I typically only require hairless legs when choosing a mate, and I\'m pretty sure Sofia Vergara falls in that category. Could be wrong of course, but I\'d enjoy finding out. ... [Full Story]