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Celebrity Big Brother & Tara Reid\'s Inevitable Breakdown

The incredibly washed up Tara Reid is now going to be a \"star\" on the new season of \"Celebrity Big Brother.\" The only reason I would watch that show is to see Tara have a complete emotional breakdown and attempt to bite someone\'s face (and that will most definitely happen). So I guess I need to stop making fun of this has-been and start getting ready for televised mental breakdowns. ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid is Drunk and the Sky is Blue

Somehow Tara Reid is still getting invited to parties despite having done absolutely nothing since American Pie 2. It must have something to do with Paris Hilton and some kind of trashy blond bond they have together. That\'s the only explanation I can think of. ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid Had a B-day and Actual People Showed Up

You know it\'s a slow day when I\'m posting pictures of Tara Reid\'s 92nd birthday party. Seriously, I have no friends at all and I\'d be completely ashamed to hang out with these people. Everyone says Tara has gone from A-list to D-list, but there\'s no way she\'s on any list except possibly a list of people with STDs to stay the hell away from. This is horrible. My party in the basement ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid is Dating her Garbageman

Just when I thought Tara Reid couldn\'t get any worse (ie, the bikini pics where her ass is melting away from the rest of her body), these photos come out. Who the hell is that guy? I hope he\'s her foster dad or pimp or cousin because if she\'s dating this Ron Jeremy knock-off, there\'s really no hope for Tara. Then again, there probably isn\'t any hope for her anyway. One thing, I do wonder how ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid is 97 Years Old and Here\'s Proof

If Tara Reid didn\'t find a way to look worse every week than she did the previous week, maybe she could stay out of the celebrity news world. After all, she\'s not even a celebrity. I don\'t think she\'s actually done any work in at least 5 years. Some say she lives off the scraps of the beach in these pictures, but that isn\'t confirmed yet. It won\'t be long before her stomach and butt ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid\'s Ass is a Little Bit Scary

I know it\'s not cool to make fun of someone\'s physical problems, but Tara Reid\'s ass seems to be melting right off her body. No one has gone downhill quite as fast as Tara Reid. At least she gets a handicap sticker out of that ass and can park at the front of the Blimpie\'s parking lot. Score! In fairness, she doesn\'t look half bad in some of the other pics below. Maybe that ass shot was ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid Had Bit of a Flashing "Happening" Last Night!

Tara Reid was out in London last night and we got a glimpse of a little more than we bargained for when she was getting in her ride, leaving the Nobu Berkeley Restaurant. You know, some skanks just can't avoid these sort of "happenings". They're just predisposed to them. And, frankly, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'll tell you something though... this whole thing is like a solar ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid Parties Hard, Hurts Herself Doing Just That

Apparently, Tara Reid likes to party so hard, that she actually hurts herself sometimes! The New York Daily News' Gatecrasher reports: The actress was allegedly treated at a local hospital for cuts and bruises suffered during a night out on the party island of Bali. Reid arrived there Friday night from Australia, planning to shoot ads for an Aussie sleepwear range. But photo agency X17 ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid's Bikini Photoshoot in Bali, Indonesia

More Tara Reid bikini pictures have emerged! Check out the latest bikini photos of Tara! She actually is starting to look like a full human again! It seems like Tara has been living in a bikini lately. Tara was out in a bikini in Australia last week, and now she's back to her scantily clad ways in Bali, Indonesia for a bikini photoshoot! So, it seems like everywhere I look these days, there's ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid's Stomach Is Comprised of Wrinkly Old Flesh

Tara Reid was out in her bikini at the Palazzo Versace Hotel at the Gold Coast on Tuesday smokin' some cigs and loungin' around with her scarred and emaciated stomach fully exposed. Her stomach is absolutely disgusting. I guess I was wrong when I thought seeing Tara Reid in a bikini the other day was an indication that although she's a little anorexic-looking these days, she may be at least ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid's Cleavage Makes Me Nostalgic

As much as I hate to admit this, these Tara Reid cleavage pictures make me happy. Although she is trashy and undeniably worthless, there's something about her in these photos that intrigue me. Sure, it could be her massive fake boobs, those things are like cat nip for dudes... no matter who has big fake boobies, we can only think of one thing when we see them: I want to play with those things as ... [Full Story]

Tara Reid Is Worthless! Literally!

Tara Reid's presence just isn't worth much these days. People used to want to dish out large sums of money just so she would appear at a particular club so the club owners would get some publicity. While vacationing in Darwin, Australia this week, Tara tried to cash in on some big money for her to show up at a few select Australian clubs, but she failed miserably. The New York Post's Page Six ... [Full Story]