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Taylor Swift Gives Terrible Dating Advice

Taylor Swift reminds me of a girl who hasn\'t dated much in her life, even if she is a way-too-hot-for-you kind of celebrity. Recently, an interview of hers was published in Seventeen magazine and, like all things in Seventeen, it was batshit insane: \"Don\'t chance ruining your friendship by chasing him before he\'s ready. You just have to wait for him to turn it into something more, if and ... [Full Story]

Even Taylor Swift Was Photoshopped. Surprise?

Months ago, Lancome got into trouble for Photoshopping the hell out of Julia Roberts (I can\'t really blame them for it). Unfortunately, it was so bad that it considered false advertising, or at least a blatant, unforgivable lie to humanity. CoverGirl now has to pull one of their ads, too. This one features the 22 year old Taylor Swift, who isn\'t nearly as haggard as Julia ... [Full Story]

Taylor Swift is a Freaking Giant. Reese Witherspoon is Not.

So apparently Jake Gyllenhaal has no \"type\" - he has dated both a cheeky little midget and a dim-witted, maybe ugly giant. Both Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift are great in their own ways, so why would Jake leave them both? The answer is obvious. He is a fruit. ... [Full Story]

They Did Eat.

The excitement and scandal of this celebrity news tidbit can be summed up by this sentence: \"They did eat.\" Jake and Taylor were seen together again, although they reportedly broke it off in December. According to People: The two stars, whose brief relationship fizzled in December, arrived quietly together on Wednesday at Bound\'ry, a restaurant near Swift\'s Nashville condo, and were led ... [Full Story]

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Are Over

This is extra surprising to me, because I didn\'t even realize that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift were in a legitimate relationship. Seeing that they were only together since October, this whole ordeal barely qualifies. It\'s more of a beard to cover up Jake Gyllenhaal\'s secret homosexuality. Is it just a coincidence that Ryan Reynolds broke up with Scarlett Johansson last month? That\'s ... [Full Story]

Celebrities Celebrating Thanksgiving

Just because celebrities are rich, hot and famous doesn\'t mean they\'re human beings. They have families, emotions, and the ability to get restraining orders, too! As you can see in the following gallery, most celebs spend the holidays with the ones they love. Megan Fox was with Brian Austen Green at some Disney establishment. Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were looking cute together. Kim ... [Full Story]

Something Happened to Taylor Swift

I was always pretty back and forth on the subject of Taylor Swift\'s attractiveness. She was once a full on Monet. But no. Not anymore. She is undoubtedly H-O-T HOT. (As long as she keeps this exact makeup and this exact hairstyle.) I bet Wolf Boy Taylor Lautner is really regretting his decision to dump other Taylor. This new Taylor is everything that pretty-faced Jake Gyllenhaal deserves. ... [Full Story]

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are in Love

Or maybe they\'re just staying up late together, drinking Kool Aid and braiding hair. But the fact is that they are spending an awful lot of time together. They were even spotted at the \"SNL\" cast party over the weekend. Taylor is moving up in the world... but Jake - what are you thinking? I know she is young, but she is also a two-face. In certain lighting I\'d want to sleep with her and ... [Full Story]

Taylor Swift for the Weekend

I don\'t think I\'ve ever posted a Taylor Swift gallery here. Mostly because I don\'t really like tall people but also because she manages to avoid the paparazzi quite a bit. I\'m not sure how, maybe she\'s only 17 and there are laws against it. No idea, but someone snapped these as she arrived on Syndney Airport yesterday. Now I\'m off to have a fantastic weekend doing nothing at all. ... [Full Story]

Taylor Swift Gets Voted AP Entertainer of the Year

Taylor Swift, who I never even heard of before Kanye West did his thing, just got awarded AP Entertainer of the Year. Cool? Here\'s the story from none other than the AP: Taylor Swift sang those words about a young romance, but they apply just as well to America\'s feelings for the 20-year-old country singer. Swift, adding to the heap of awards already bestowed on her, has been voted The ... [Full Story]

Taylor Swift Might be a Jerk

Where\'s Kanye West when you need him? If he\'s ever going to interrupt something Taylor Swift does again, it should be this latest story. Check it out courtesy of TMZ: Swift has attached herself to a copyright infringement lawsuit spearheaded by BMI -- the enforcer of music royalties. According to a lawyer connected to the case, BMI deployed an \"agent\" to go on a recon mission at The ... [Full Story]

Beyonce was the Best SNL Host of All Time....All Time!

It turns out the nice people at Saturday Night Live feel bad enough for the Kanye West/Taylor Swift event that they\'re letting her host SNL soon according to AP: Taylor Swift will have the stage to herself next month with no interruptions when she hosts \"Saturday Night Live.\" \"I\'ve been thinking about skit ideas for a long time,\" the 19-year-old Swift said. \"There are ... [Full Story]