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Tiger Woods is NOT Playing in the US Open

It seems that Tiger Woods will not be making an appearance at the US Open this month because of an injury he suffered at the Masters in April. Woods just tweeted, \"Not playing in US Open. Very disappointed. Short-term frustration for long-term gain.\" The official statement on his site was a little less whiny, \"I was hopeful that I could play, but if I did, I risk further damage to my ... [Full Story]

Tiger\'s Baby Mama is Going Public!

Uh oh... it looks like some other lucky lady has been raising Tiger cubs. (These people really need to start getting permits for this kind of crap.) Devon James, AKA the woman who is claiming to have a 9 year old son with Tiger Woods, is now saying that Tiger knew about the kid. He knew enough to even buy his long-lost cub some presents! Devon James filed a \"paternity action\" against ... [Full Story]

Poor Joslyn James

According to one of Tiger\'s mistresses, Joslyn James, she has been affected by stripper prejudice recently and is deeply wounded by it. Shame and heartache. Via TMZ, a letter has been revealed that was from Gloria Allred, an infamous celebrity attorney. She claimed that James had booked a room at the Ritz in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her reservation was for a total of three days. When ... [Full Story]

Tiger and Nickelback 4E

Tiger Woods was seen leaving his Isleworth compound the other night to hang out with some good rock star friends of his. Tiger was see backstage at a Nickelback concert in Orlando, according to a source at the show. No word if this was an official idiot convention or if Tiger was just showing his support for a favorite band of his. Most likely the latter, but I\'m prepared to argue my ... [Full Story]

Joslyn Makes Tiger\'s Sexting Public

Oh how I love it when the mighty fall. And then one of their mistresses makes a web site listing all of their \"sexting.\" Tiger Woods\' mistress #245, the porn star Joslyn James, threw up a website called www.sextingjoslynjames.com that lists about 100 dirty texts that Tiger sent to her. Here some examples, via TMZ: The site, sextingjoslynjames.com, includes texts that say: - OK, I would ... [Full Story]

Tiger is Golfing Again Thank God

Golf is one of the most boring sports to watch, right up there with curling and the rest of the Winter Olympic sports, but it is good for one thing - getting the media to focus on golfing instead of Tiger Woods\' sexcapades. Sure, laughing about Tiger Woods getting beat up by his wife and sleeping with 50 women was great at first. However, during the months of drama following the initial blow up ... [Full Story]

Tiger Woods Maybe Showing his Face? Kinda?

As morbid as it might sound, it seems the earthquake in Haiti might be a blessing in disguise for Tiger Woods. According to Russell Simmons who may or may not have any idea what he\'s talking about, Tiger plans to donate a bunch to the relief effort for Haiti. TMZ reports: Simmons claims he heard that Tiger was getting involved in the Haiti relief effort and wrote the following message on ... [Full Story]

Does Tiger Woods Have a Sex Tape?

As if things couldn\'t get even worse for Tiger Woods, now someone woman has come forward claiming to have a sex tape of Tiger from a couple of years ago. TMZ reports: Steven Hirsch, head honcho of Vivid, tells TMZ a woman approached him two weeks ago, claiming she had a sex video of Tiger Woods. She said it was shot approximately two years ago. Hirsch tells TMZ his people have seen 30 ... [Full Story]

Where\'s Tiger Woods?

No one seems to know where Tiger Woods is these days. While I think he went to the logical place to disappear, the Bermuda Triangle, it seems he might\'ve went to Africa. According to TMZ: Our sources say Tiger was very clear on his plan -- go to a friend\'s estate in Africa and completely disappear from public view. One source believes Tiger left almost immediately. If you wanna go ... [Full Story]

Tiger Woods\' Wife Can\'t Figure Out What To Do

Apparently it\'s a tough decision trying to decide what to do about your marriage when your husband cheats on you with like 13 women. Personally, I think Tiger\'s wife should be happy he did it. I haven\'t out why yet, but when I figure that out, I\'ll let you know. Anyway, sources tracked down someone in the know: We\'re told Elin is not going to file for divorce immediately, but there are ... [Full Story]

Tiger Woods\' Wife Pumps Gas Sans Wedding Ring

It seems when your husband cheats on you with like 13 women, it\'s hard to still appreciate your marriage. So the wife of Tiger Woods, Elin something or another, was spotted out in public without her wedding ring. This means one of two things: she lost it down the bathroom sink drain or she\'s pissed off. I\'m thinking the former, you know how clumsy those Swedish girls can be. ... [Full Story]

Tiger Woods Hospital Drama

Today, not one, but two, stories have come to light about Tiger Woods and hospitals. I wish I could just tell you he donated $3 million to a children\'s hospital, and that\'s it, but that would be a lie. Both stories come courtesy of TMZ: A middle-aged, blond woman was taken to the hospital early this morning. We have now confirmed the call came from Tiger\'s address. The spokesperson for ... [Full Story]