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Tony Romo Makes a BIG Mistake

What you see above is Tony Romo making one BIG mistake. He is down on one knee, proposing to his (now) fiancée, Candice Crawford. Romo popped the question during Candice\'s 24th birthday party on Thursday night. Now that he is done selling his soul, maybe he should start concentrating on the Cowboys\'s offense. ... [Full Story]

Breaking News: Tony Romo is a Guy

So when I read the headline over at People saying that Tony Romo was checking out other girls at the end of his relationship with Jessica Simpson, I couldn\'t help but read it because that can\'t possibly be newsworthy. And it\'s not, but there\'s nothing else to write about: \"[Tony] wanted her to be a house mom and be in Dallas, and he wants to go out and play – and not just football,\" ... [Full Story]

Well This Makes It Official

If you thought you\'ve ever been through a messy break up, you clearly haven\'t heard about Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson\'s split. US Magazine reports: A sign at the entrance (of Tony Romo\'s home) reads: \"RED ALERT!!! TONY ROMO HAS MADE SOME CHANGES TO HIS LIST OF PEOPLE ALLOWED IN....JESSICA IS NO LONGER ON THE LIST AND NOT APPROVED FOR ACCESS. (Simpson didn\'t exactly want to stick ... [Full Story]

Tony Romo is Having Trouble

After breaking up with Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo is having trouble focusing. I\'m going to guess he misses her fake breasts and not her conversations on furthering peace talks in the Middle East. Just a guess though. People reports: Romo insists he\'s working hard to stay focused. \"The more stuff you\'ve got in your mind, probably the less successful you\'re going to be,\" he told PEOPLE ... [Full Story]

It Seems Tony Romo May Be Single

According to multiple sources, including this one, Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson recently. Word on the street is Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson the night before her \"Barbie & Ken\" themed birthday party last weekend -- and it didn\'t take the Cowboy long to have his first guy\'s night out. Romo hit up the Key Club in Hollywood last night with his mantourage Dumping Jessica ... [Full Story]

Tony Romo Is a Hero of Men

Tony Romo made the news, and it wasn\'t a Sunday and it had nothing to do with Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, or phone calls. Turns out he fixed some random woman\'s tire, according to People: Known for his heroics on the football field, the Dallas Cowboy star played hero to Bill and Sharon White on September 7, when the two found themselves stranded with a flat tire. The Irving ... [Full Story]

Carrie Underwood Calls Jessica Simpson a Fatty

Here\'s the quick replay: Carrie Underwood dated Tony Romo. They broke up. Tony Romo dated/is dating Jessica Simpson. Carrie said Tony still calls him. Jessica, in psycho stalker fashion, said it isn\'t true because she checks all of his phone logs and has one of those electric dog shock collars around Tony at all times and that Carrie is a slut. I might\'ve made up that last part, but here\'s ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson is Kind of a Genius

Few things on this planet are as majestic as Jessica Simpson\'s cleavage. Hawaii and golden toilets come to mind. I just wish she was known for her brain and not her body. I wish she could solve a Rubik\'s Cube in 12 seconds and cure herpes. Well, I just wish anyone would cure herpes. Ow, it itches. Help. ... [Full Story]

Underwood Could Be a Fat Liar Except Not the Fat Part

Carrie Underwood recently said her ex-boyfriend and NFL quarterback, Tony Romo, has been calling her. Jessica Simpson says there ain\'t no way and there ain\'t now how: Jessica Simpson insists her beau Tony Romo isn\'t calling his ex Carrie Underwood. \"I checked his call log,\" she said Wednesday in an interview with a Nashville radio station. Of Romo, Underwood tells September\'s Allure: ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson Wants Tony Romo in Her Music Video!

If Jessica Simpson gets her way, Tony Romo will star in her new country music video! OK! Magazine reports: Is Tony Romo going to "Come On Over" to Jessica Simpson's music video? If she has her druthers, then yes! In preparation for her first country album, set to drop this fall, the 27-year-old songstress hopes to drum up some publicity by casting her on-off beau in the video for ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo OFFICIALLY Over!?

Sources are now saying that Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson have officially broken up! Us Magazine says: After much speculation, has confirmed Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have split. "Tony did dump Jessica," a source close to the quarterback told Us. "Of course, she's upset!" Part of the reason for the break up after only six months? "This Jen and John Mayer ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson Is All Dirty and Covered in Cake!

Jessica Simpson was out this weekend with cake smeared all over her face as she was celebrating the birthday of her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo! People Magazine says: Jessica Simpson serenaded her beau Tony Romo at his birthday bash on Saturday night in Dallas – and fed him some cake. The affectionate pair showed up at Suite, an exclusive nightspot, to celebrate ... [Full Story]