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Vanessa Hudgens is a Right Slut, Isn\'t She?

LULZ, it seems that Vanessa Hudgens has grown out of her usual Disney roles. So much so that she has started taking some \"slutty stripper who would probably go downtown for $50\" roles. The Frozen Ground is a new movie in which Vanessa will play a whorish stripper (possibly with a heart of gold). I personally cannot wait to see it. ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens Has Purple Hair. SO REBELLIOUS, CHILD.

Vanessa Hudgens is obviously going through a stickin\'-it-to-the-man rebel phase... and although I would change her to being single and not wrapped up in Beanie McDouche, I can\'t complain. I mean. Purple is sexy. It reminds me of Willie Wonka (i.e, THE definition of sex). ... [Full Story]


I can\'t remember if Vanessa Hudgens is the slutty one or if she is the one that lets Justin Bieber pretend he is straight with her. (She and Selena Gomez are twinsies.) But thankfully, it doesn\'t matter if she is immoral or not, because an Act of God caused her top to fly off in Hawaii. Unfortunately, photographers are slow and stupid. ... [Full Story]

Sloppy Vanessa Hudgens is Still Kind of Sexy

When housewives go grocery shopping in a bathrobe and slippers, it\'s disgusting. When Vanessa Hudgens does it, it\'s kind of sexy. Not in a \"wow, I\'d love to do illegal things to her body\" kind of way.. more of a \"I want to snuggle with her in a bed of kittens and puppies\" thing. ... [Full Story]

Yay Feminism!

It doesn\'t really matter why Vanessa Hudgens is ironing clothes half naked. Don\'t even think about it. All you should concentrate on is her barely legal half naked body that is begging to be stared at for hours on end. My official count is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Good luck catching up, suckas! ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens is Almost Ugly

On Saturday night at the premiere of \"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,\" Vanessa Hudgens was nearly looking ugly. It might have been the whorish makeup she was wearing or the complete lack of nudity, I\'m not sure. Ugly or hot, Vanessa was still more interesting than the overgrown Disney characters at Disneyland Saturday night. ... [Full Story]

Oh Look! Vanessa Hudgens is Doing Drugs

Vanessa Hudgens spent the weekend at Coachella with her new boyfriend Josh Hutcherson. And although he is kind of goofy looking, that doesn\'t seem too bad. But this gets worse, trust me: on several occasions she was seen taking out a ziploc baggie with a white powder inside. She would then proceed to lick the white powder inside. I think we can safely assume she wasn\'t carrying around a bag of ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Assets

\"Showing off her assets\" is just a really clever way (thank you, thank you) to say that Vanessa Hudgens was sticking out her butt and arching her back like a ho at the LA premiere of \"Suckerpunch.\" The movie, according to its trailer, is a mix between \"Kill Bill\" and \"300.\" If I go to see this piece of crap and I don\'t see Uma Thurman being kicked into a bottomless bit by Gerard Butler ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens Talks With the FBI

Vanessa Hudgens recently met with the FBI about the nude photos that were hacked from her Gmail account. ... hopefully she wasn\'t stupid enough to make her password \"password.\" The meeting lasted more than an hour and the agents got information that leads to only one individual who may have hacked 50 A-list celebs. Hopefully this criminal isn\'t caught and isn\'t brought to justice ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens Can\'t Keep Her Clothes On.

Although I can\'t complain about naked celebrities, sometimes I wonder how these people don\'t learn their lessons. Vanessa Hudgens apparently has another round of naked pictures circling online. This time, there is an uber-hardcore upskirt shot... only minus the skirt. I have yet to confirm if it is real, but it\'s certainly disgusting enough. What isn\'t disgusting, though, is the picture of ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens is a Hot Selena Gomez

Has anyone else noticed that Vanessa Hudgens is an extremely hot and slutty version of Selena Gomez? Man, Justin Bieber is really going to be kicking himself in his pre-pubescent butt for dating the ugly one. Maybe by the time he and Selena mature, she\'ll start to look more like Vanessa and a little less ugly. ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens Makes Shoes Sexy

I\'m not even sure how this is psychologically possible, but Vanessa Hudgens just made me extremely sexually attracted to cork wedge heels. Like, I would marry those things, treat them well for five years and then compare them to my evil mother for the rest of their existence. Vanessa, you are way too good for both those shoes and Justin Bieber. Marry me, jailbait. ... [Full Story]