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Kendra Wilkinson Was at the Empire State Building.

Kendra Wilkinson was at the top of the Empire State Building the other day... because she has an affinity for things that are big and hard (okay, maybe that was a reach). Regardless, the Playboy model was seen in NYC doing touristy things for God-knows-what reason. I\'m going to assume it was for the boners. ... [Full Story]

Kendra Wilkinson is Mad. But Seriously, Who Cares.

Kendra Wilkson, a.k.a., one of Hugh Hefners girlfriends who turned celebrity, apparently got snubbed on Hef\'s wedding list. If it was a normal relationship, I could understand not inviting the ex to the wedding. (Unless you love awkward situations and drunk stories about sex.) But she lived in his mansion and was a huge part of his business for over 3 years... needless to say, she is ... [Full Story]

Kendra Wilkinson is on Dancing With the Stars

Thank God there is SOMEONE better than Kirstie Alley on the upcoming season of \"Dancing With the Stars.\" Kendra Wilkinson and her sexy little body were seen leaving a DWTS practice session. And I must say, after seeing this, the only way that the show could get more exciting this year is if Charlie Sheen participated while being completely coked up (as usual). I always thought that DWTS needed ... [Full Story]

Kenra Wilkinson is Looking Sickly

Although porn stars aren\'t usually known to be shining examples of health... Kendra Wilkinson is looking a little sickly lately. Could be the years of self-torture are finally catching up with her? ...nah, she is probably just refusing to eat because she thinks she needs to be thinner. ... and she is RIGHT. Think of some thinspo, girly, because I better not see even .5% body fat on you! ... [Full Story]

Kendra Wilkinson is on the Cover of Playboy

Even though Kendra made a big fuss about NOT being on the cover of Playboy... here she is. On the cover. But she swears that it\'s not from a recent photoshoot. Apparently they used a shoot form 2 years ago to put her in the magazine. Thankfully, these were never-before-seen outtakes that people would actually care about. Good thinking, Kendra. ... [Full Story]

Kendra Wilkinson - Too Good for Playboy

WHAT THE FRAK? Kendra Wilkinson, an extremely hot (ex-porn?) chick who does nothing for a living at the moment, turned down a Playboy shoot. Why? Because she doesn\'t have to prove that she is hot to anyone. It\'s ballsy, I admit, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn\'t disappointed. (Also - her husband was none too pleased at the idea of her getting back into the \"naked for ... [Full Story]

Kendra Wilkinson is Still Pregnant

This pregnant picture was taken at Kendra Wilkinson\'s baby shower in Los Angeles yesterday. It appears her twins are growing and doing very well. And the baby is probably okay too. ... [Full Story]

Kendra Wilkinson Has a New Show or Something

I was flipping through the channels the other day and I noticed that Hugh Hefner\'s second girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson, has a new show coming out. Not sure what it\'s about, but probably following her and her enormous rack all around town. And that\'s fine by me. Enjoy these hot pictures of Kendra\'s enormous rack in high resolution by clicking them below. ... [Full Story]

They Must Like Kendra Wilkinson in Poland

Kendra Wilkinson went to Poland to promote her new reality series, and I have no idea why other than maybe she is to Poland was David Hasselhoff is to Germany. But anyway, thanks to high resolution technology, you can see from these pictures that Kendra has something like 6 inches of makeup on and she still isn\'t that hot. Of course you can only look at her face for so long before drifting ... [Full Story]

Kendra Wilkinson Dresses Up as White Trash?

I can\'t quite figure out what Kendra Wilkinson is, but I\'m pretty sure she\'s either a crack addict on her period or an accident victim. Either way, the costume sucks. I miss Holly Madison, surely she would\'ve dressed up as something that didn\'t include a shirt. Like maybe a Koala bear or the incredible Hulk. ... [Full Story]

Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson Judges Girls

Kendra Wilkinson is Hugh Hefner\'s third girlfriend behind Holly Madison and some other blonde with big tits. But since Holly apparently dumped Hef the other day, I guess Kendra\'s second in line to jump on that old, decrepid penis now. Yay for her! Here she is with some other nicely shaped women in bikinis and about 300 men with cell phone cameras and no life. ... [Full Story]

Olive Garden Girls To Pose in Playboy!

Playboy is now searching for the hottest waitresses at The Olive Garden for an upcoming pictorial called "Girls of Olive Garden"! The naked Olive Garden girls will be hand-picked How ridiculous (and awesome all at once) is that!? The New York Post's Page Six says: SOME of the friendly waitresses at your local Olive Garden will soon be getting stark naked. Playboy has launched a nationwide ... [Full Story]